‘Under The Strap’ podcast archive

The Under The Strap podcast presented by The Caddie Network is a joint effort with the APTC (Association of Professional Tour Caddies) to bring you the great caddie perspective and incredible storytelling by those closest to the action – the caddies.

Each week will feature new guests. Miss an episode? Click any of the links below to catch up.

All Caddie Network podcasts are available on Apple Podcast, Google, Stitcher and Spotify using the search, “Caddie Network.”

9/21/20: Episode 30 with caddie Todd Montoya

9/15/20: Episode 29 U.S. Open preview with Chris P Jones

9/14/20: Episode 28 with Brennan Little

9/8/20: Episode 27 with golf fashion icon John Ashworth

8/30/20: Episode 26 with European Tour caddie Basile Dalberto

8/24/20: Episode 25 with caddies Scott Sajtinac and Damian Lopez

8/17/20: Episode 24 with Steve Hulka

8/10/20: Episode 23 PGA Championship recap with caddies Damian Lopez and Geno Bonnalie

8/6/20: Episode 22 PGA Championship preview with caddies Scott Sajtinac, Kenny Harms and Damian Lopez

8/4/20: Episode 21 with LPGA caddies Matthew Galloway, Patrick Smith and Cole Pensanti

8/3/20: Episode 20 with John Wood, Joe Skovron and John Rathouz

7/27/20: Episode 19 with J.J. Jakovac

7/20/20: Episode 18 with Golf Channel’s Jerry Foltz and caddies Kip Henley and Benji Thompson

7/13/20: Episode 17 with Scott Sajtinac, Damian Lopez and Jeff Willett

7/6/20: Episode 16 with Austin Kaiser, Joe Greiner and Dave Pelekoudas

6/29/20: Episode 15 with Paul Goydos, Chris Mazziotti and Scott Sajtinac

6/22/20: Episode 14 with caddie Brian Reed, Callaway Golf’s Johnny Thompson and Iration’s Micah Pueschel

6/15/20: Episode 13 with Kenny Harms and Chris P. Jones

6/8/20: Episode 12 with Jeff Johnson and Chris P. Jones

6/1/20: Episode 11 with Tony Navarro and John ‘Cub’ Burke

5/26/20: Episode 10 with Les Luark, Jason McDede and Caro Masson

5/18/20: Episode 9 with Kip Henley and Don Donatello

5/11/20: Episode 8 with Scott Sajtinac, John Wood and Heath Holt

5/4/20: Episode 7 with Eric Larson and the legendary Tommy Chong

4/27/20: Episode 6 with Kevin Na and Kenny Harms

4/20/20: Episode 5 with Scott Gneiser, Ryan Rue and Eric Meller

4/13/20: Episode 4 with Mike Hicks and Mike “Fluff” Cowan

4/6/20: Episode 3, Masters Edition, with Joe LaCava, Damon Green and Ted Scott

3/31/20: Episode 2 with Damon Green, Paul Tesori and Brian Vranesh

3/23/20: Episode 1 with Scott Sajtinac, Paul Tesori


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