Under The Strap Podcast: NFL running back Danny Woodhead on football career, golf, caddies and more

This episode of Under the Strap features retired NFL running back Danny Woodhead. The Caddie Network host/analyst John Rathouz and Woodhead, both Nebraska natives, enjoy a fun conversation about football, golf and caddying. While Danny scored a touchdown for the Patriots in Super Bowl 46, the plus handicap had a highlight on the golf course this summer that he said equaled and from which his logo was born!

Conversation about his career – Brady, Belichick, and Rivers name drops, plus others; his transformation as a competitive amateur golfer; shoutout to his buddy Joe Skovron, winning caddie for Tom Kim in Vegas, plus what he would value in a caddie; and, a funny exchange about which position on a football team is closest to a caddie. Woodhead has removed his chin strap and goes Under the Strap for an entertaining hour.

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