‘Under The Strap’ Podcast: Caddie Terry Walker opens up about overcoming personal demons

In this ‘Under the Strap’ episode, host T.J. Auclair welcomes caddie Terry Walker. Walker has spent the last several years on the bag of PGA Tour winner Andrew Landry. Walker’s story is one of perseverance and inspiration, as he overcame a brutal childhood and the personal demons that ensued to cope with that childhood. Nothing was off limits in this podcast, as Walker takes us through his journey in life, the struggles he’s endured and what he’s been doing to get through it all.

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  1. I cannot express my gratitude for The Caddie Network’s podcast with Terry “T” Walker. His open and honest answers regarding the difficulties he has faced sheds hopeful light on a subject that many keep hidden. I am so proud of my twin brother. As adults, we bravely confront resultant issues from childhood abuse and abandonment. No child should ever have to endure anything even close to what we experienced. We make the daily commitment to no longer allow our past to define our character and integrity. It is my prayer that this podcast helps others, be it one or many. I am thankful for the guidance of counselors and programs that saved us. “T”, you are an incredible man. Carry this torch with honor brother!

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