It is with great enthusiasm and excitement that we introduce you to, “The Caddie Network,” a brand new venture looking to bring a fresh voice to the world of golf.

And, that “fresh voice,” will come from some of the most knowledgeable in the game: the caddies.

Whether it’s a key moment, a key shot, studying the break on a tricky putt, or being a friend, a psychologist and a coach all rolled into one, no one is closer to the best players in the world than their respective caddies.

Then there’s the great tales that come with life on the road — we’ll tell those stories, too.

A brand new venture looking to bring a fresh voice to the world of golf.

The Caddie Network also will explore the whole world of caddying, even at the grassroots level, to drive home the important roles that caddies play in the growth of the game, the life experiences for young people that caddying can provide and explain the educational opportunities for young people through caddying.

Through The Caddie Network, caddies — like never before — will have the chance to tell their stories through both video and written content with a first-ever digital platform dedicated to their experiences.

With engaging features, surveys, photos, videos and more, The Caddie Network will bring you a step closer to the best seat in the house and give you a deeper appreciation for what life truly is like out on the Tour.

The Network already boasts more than 140 participating professional caddies, including Michael Greller (Jordan Spieth), Damon Green (Zach Johnson), Tim Mickelson (Phil Mickelson), Jimmy Johnson (Justin Thomas) and Paul Tesori (Webb Simpson).

Join us as we share the stories of what it takes to be the right-hand man or woman to the best golfers in the world.

Caddies on professional tours have never been more crucial to a player’s success than they are today.

We look forward to sharing these stories, and the abundance of untapped knowledge that caddies hold, directly to you.