‘Under The Strap’ Podcast: A chat with Graham Curry

In this week’s ‘Under the Strap’ podcast, our host John Rathouz was joined by Graham Curry. As Founder of Handicaddie, Curry is modernizing the caddie business in a digital way from the grassroots level.

The Irishman, who this month started looping at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland, next to St. Andrews, has been caddying since he was a teenager. He talks with Rathouz about his venture and golf in Ireland, so tune in to hear that and more!

Graham recognizes the importance of a good caddie, from helping you navigate a plugged lie bunker shot, to making your day on the course more fun, to pointing you in the direction of the best pub and oftentimes even joining! A few can’t-miss nuggets include his favorite hidden-gem to play in Ireland, and the best time of year to travel to the Emerald Isle that many don’t consider.

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