‘Under the Strap’ Podcast: Episode 12 with Jeff Johnson and Chris P. Jones

If these two caddies could avoid flying altogether, they would. And it’s not due to a fear of flying… it’s just that Jeff Johnson (caddie for Retief Goosen) and Chris P. Jones (Jimmy Walker) prefer having “their stuff” with them at all times and coming and going as they please.

Johnson and Jones joined host T.J. Auclair on the latest ‘Under the Strap’ podcast to talk about their interesting lives zig-zagging the country in the converted home on wheels each of them spend a good chunk of their days in. Along with some crazy — even scary — circumstances they’ve had during their travels, the pair also share some of the reasons you might consider for traveling by land instead of air.

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You can listen to the podcast in the player above.

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Johnson and Jones have both also been gracious enough to give TCN exclusive tours of their mobile homes that you can watch in the videos below.

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