‘Under the Strap’ Podcast: Episode 16 with Austin Kaiser, Joe Greiner and Dave Pelekoudas

In this week’s ‘Under the Strap’ podcast, host T.J. Auclair welcomes PGA Tour caddies Austin Kaiser, Joe Greiner and Dave Pelekoudas. They caddie for Xander Shauffele, Max Homa and Sam Ryder, respectively. We learn about how they got their start on the PGA Tour — including Kaiser passing up a career in law enforcement — tales of busting chops with Tiger Woods and more.

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  1. Nice to hear the story behind Joe’s beard, but its time Joe to at least trim that beast up as could be awhile, until that time though I will use the season seats whenever you need a seat filler. I still remember that game we sat in right field pav and batting practice was going on & you must have gotten 6 home run balls. Also what is the message Chappy wrote on the flag that you have in your loft?

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