Caddie Confidential: What could the PGA Tour do to detract players from playing elsewhere?

We asked caddies to tell us what the PGA Tour could do to detract players from leaving the tour to play elsewhere. Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first installment of our 2022 “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. First up: Caddies provide their insights on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments and what it could mean if big-name players choose to play.

We all know the adage, “money talks.”

And, so far, it looks like that’s what Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments is trying to use to lure big-name talent to its new endeavor.

If it’ll work remains to be seen.

We polled nearly three dozen PGA Tour caddies and asked what kinds of things they think the PGA Tour could do or should do to detract players from considering a move elsewhere.

“Keep throwing more money at them,” one caddie said. “Money talks, plain and simple.”

“The can’t do anything. These guys are independent contractors,” said another.

What do you think the PGA Tour needs to do to detract players from considering moving over to LIV Golf Investments?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

Raise purses for more guaranteed money.

More events with limited fields and guaranteed money. The took away three of the four World Golf Championships. Plain stupidity.

Boost the purses to match what the Saudis are paying.

Keep filling their pockets, after all it’s just a big money grab.

Raise the money purse, which they are already doing.

Raise purses, take care of everyone involved to make the PGA Tour stay the best product.

The purses need to be competitive with that new tour.

Pay up. That’s the only solution I see working

Free enterprise… the PGA Tour should not hinder players from going to play.

Stand their ground and fully suspend anyone of their playing privileges if they commit to playing this new tour.

I feel the PGA Tour has done a good job of listening to the players and improving several areas of concern the last couple of years. The purses are going up, the insurance and retirement programs have become more attractive, rules have been changed or implemented based on player feedback, etc. Even the hospitality for the caddies each week is much improved over just a few years ago. One area I feel that needs to be addressed is players and caddies trying to survive financially on the developmental tours.

I think if the purses get higher and they guarantee a little money that guys would be crazy to leave. The PGA Tour is the best Tour in the world and it should remain that way.

Play for a higher percentage of revenue. Make it more inline like other major sporting leagues. It looks like the PGA Tour is heading that way.

Increase the purses is the only way.

Take away status if they jump ship.

More money.

Pay everyone their fair market value and ensure the future of the player’s stream of income.

Well threatening a lifetime ban is pretty much a solid start.

They should partner first.

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