Caddie Confidential: Thoughts on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments

Will Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf Investments, be able to lure high-profile players to his Saudi-backed tour? Credit: Chris Tilley/Naples Daily News via USA TODAY Network

Welcome to the first installment of our 2022 “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. First up: Caddies provide their insights on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments and what it could mean if big-name players choose to play.

Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments has made noise in recent months with some big-name hires, such as Greg Norman as its CEO and longtime PGA Tour rules official Slugger White as Vice President of Rules & Competition Management.

Among the things we’ve learned so far about LIV Golf Investments? It’s a global golf circuit to rival the PGA Tour. The plan is for limited-field events with HUGE guaranteed money for the biggest names who elect to play, a smaller schedule and some innovative ways to make the game more exciting, all under the umbrella of the Asian Tour.

In this edition of our Caddie Confidential, we polled nearly three dozen caddies to get their thoughts on LIV Golf Investments.

“Love it! It’s already raising the purses on the PGA Tour,” one caddie said.

“People are inherently greedy,” said another. “If the money is there, people are going to be drawn to it.”

Here’s a look at more responses from our caddies, who we promised anonymity in an effort to get their most honest answers.

What are your thoughts on the Saudi-backed LIV Golf Investments?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

I don’t mind it… if my player goes I will definitely go.

Sparks up a new opportunity which means competition and more money.

They’re clearly trying to make a big entrance.

I think it’s great. More playing opportunities for the rich to get richer.

I think it’s great. It creates competition with the PGA Tour which I believe is a good thing.

I love the fact that its existence seems to be boosting purses on our tour.

Competition is healthy.

PGA Tour will step up and improve things to make players and caddies happy.

Fantastic. More money for caddies.

I’m a little concerned how it will effect the PGA Tour and its ability to command the best talent in the game on the planet. I’m also concerned how it might directly effect me and my ability to continue to make a living at the income level that I’m accustomed to.

Let it happen.

I do not think they will get the star power players to commit to playing the tour.

If the PGA Tour does not partner in some form and support this venture, then I feel the players should be loyal to the PGA Tour. I have always believed, “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”

I think they’re over their head and don’t have the logistics to pull it off. It may last a year.

I think some competition can force the PGA Tour to make the product better.

I think it will be a difficult task. I’m not sure the product will be better than what is currently out there.

It’s an interesting concept. A money grab and not the level of competition of the PGA Tour. No tradition.

Wish it would go away.

I love capitalism. I love competition. What’s not to love about this?!

It’s great for the tour to realize there’s competition out there. Nothing is going to raise purses and bonuses faster than a competition. Great for caddies in the end.

I like competition. I think it brings out the best in everyone. Greg Norman doesn’t matter.


  1. A top player is a top player because he’s done well on an established tour. When the AFL started in the early 60’s, they could try and draw from college stars. People knew the college stars which is different than golf. So how do they sustain the talent for a rival tour.

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