What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed on the golf course?

Our followers have seen some crazy things on the golf course… including this, sent in by Twitter user @Kygolfnews.

If you play enough golf – or, for the purposes of this site, caddie enough – you see a lot of different things over the course of a round.

We recently asked our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers the following question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed on the golf course?

READ: The single-coolest encounter I’ve ever had as the result of being a caddie was _________.

Well, let me tell you, you guys have most certainly seen some crazy things. Here’s a collection of our favorite answers that you responded with…

“An airplane landing on a par 5 fairway!” — @lorihoeksema

“Back when I was caddying… Had a guy in a group die of a heart attack on 18. Same thing happened a few years before that. Odd thing was both times it was the same looper on the bag. We nicknamed him ‘the Grim Reaper.’” — @Kygolfnews

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“Played 9 holes totally nude at Tanglewood in NC in early 70s. Foursome of buddies. Obviously, several beers involved!” — @tarheelsouth

“A guy topping his drive so violently that it buried about 4 inches in the ground in front of his tee. His gf/fiancé/wife said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.’” — @hstansell4

“Yesterday actually… my putt went a couple of inches past the hole… completely stopped for couple seconds… then rolled back into the hole. Easy bird.” — @CarsleyGolf

“Plane crashed in the course I worked at in Florence, Ky. Unreal and sad to say the least. One fatality, everything else was replaceable.” — @DavidJPeruII

“Wasn’t on the course, but early morning saw a naked couple lying on a blanket on our range.” — @xx007

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“Played with a guy that made 200 feet of putts in a 9-hole match.” — @ethansbets

“Walker asked to join me. Whips out a bottle of JD, takes a swig, hits the ball and takes off running. Does it all day in the Texas heat. I finally ask why? he says that’s how he stays in shape.” — @dwillo67

“Tournament golf: a guy I played with made a 12 on a par 4 then made a hole-in-one four holes later.” — @mattjrion

“Caddying many years ago and the group I am in waves up the group behind… and the guy I got gets it in the eye.” — @Markste05362688

“Buddy drank 19 beers in 17 holes we were playing for about 20-25 a hole, he was down about 225 I said if he could hit a drive with his shirt over his head, we’d call it even. He whiffed and fell over three times.” — @bobos_bar

“I guy in my group years ago hits a high block, hits a roof, bounces up the roof once, then bounces three times going down the roof, hits a brick wall before bouncing back into play! He made par.” — @derbycaddy

“My buddy and I were chased by a runaway horse on the 10th fairway at Oak Knoll golf course in Crown Point, Indiana. Witnessed three deaths also on courses but those are sad, not crazy.” — @dave_hegan

“Witnessed a kid sitting on a bench waiting for the tee to open get hit in the beans with an errant shot. Still laugh about it.” — @schrantz_john

“Honda Civic Hatchback crashed into a tree with nobody around. Almost impossible to drive into this area of the course. We were the first group out and nobody had seen it there yet, so we called it in to the pro shop.” — @leezer99

“The guy that played David Justice in Moneyball tried to fight me during a city championship after he had hit his tee shot OB and I told him he had to go back and re-tee.” — @leezer99


  1. Charity outing. Guy knocks it in the hole for hole in 1. Wins a Porsche. Except it gets better. It was his dealership that put up the car. He gets the insurance, tax write-off and cash from selling it back to his own company. Tipped his caddie (not me) over $2k.

  2. The coolest thing I did:

    In 1963, I caddied for John F Kennedy several times. Because of his bad back, this was the only year he played whiles he was President.
    A picture of JFK and myself walking down the fairway was on the front page of the New York Times in mid August.

    In the 60’s, there were 4 different Caddie Camps on Cape Cod.
    This was a working camp for boys 12-16 years old. ( I will explain to you via phone if interested)

    I also have an article that was written by my local paper about the events that you’d be interested in as well.

    Feel free to contact me.

  3. I hit a three wood trying to reach a part 5 in 2. The ball hit a tree shot across the fairways hit another tree and rolled into the divot I had just made. A perfect triangle. Laughed till I cried.

  4. Left a 55 ft. putt on the lip. Walked slowly to the hole screaming for it to fall. As I got up to the ball a bumblebee landed on the ball dropping it in the hole. Thank you………

  5. Played with a guy recently. On a par 3 hit basicly hit a line In to a trap the ball then hit a rake, that was in the trap, the ball then bounced right out of the trap into the hole for a hole in one.

  6. There is this road next to the tee
    A golfer sliced his drive hitting a parked car on this road
    The golfer walked over and found the owner of the car and both parties agreed there was no problem
    Now there was another golfer near by and saw all of this
    This guy lost control .
    He broke his club in 2
    And picked up the half
    With the head and threatened the golfer
    Who hit the car with this half of the club
    The threatened golfer ran from his attacker
    The attacker threw the club and the club with the sharp
    end of the half club stuck
    Into his victim butt
    The police was called
    The victim had a blood stained shorts as well
    Was well bandaged

  7. The craziest thing I ever saw was a friend tee’d off putting it middle of fairway and a coyote come out of desert and picked up his ball and walked off with it

  8. I have worked as a golf superintendent for over thirty years and have seen many knucklehead moments. One time we were going to have an outing the was not going to start for another hour so I had my employee mow the greens on the driving range, well my boss (knucklehead) let people out on the range before he was done mowing and needless to say the hundred or so people were aiming at him. When he got back to the maintenance building I asked him how did go.[not knowing what just happened]. He said next time all I need is blind fold and a cigarette.

  9. Had a golf maintenance employee call and leave a message. Sorry boss can’t make in until after the arraignment.

  10. I was between clubs on a par three. The guys convinced me to hit a club shorter than I wanted. HIt it out of bounds.. Re teed with the club I wanted originally and made it for a “hole in three”!!

  11. As a caddy at Onwentsia in the early 70’s, I saw a member chip in for birdie from the pumphouse roof on the par 3 eleventh hole.

  12. I had my only hole in one but of course I was playing solo. Called the pro shop and luckily they knew me enough to know I wouldn’t lie.

    Two holes later on the next par 3, I almost holed out again (6 in).

    I was actually relieved it didn’t go in. Can you imagine me calling the pro shop AGAIN to tell them I just hit a second hole in one almost back to back with no witnesses?

  13. I was playing a par 5 and the guy I’m playing with hits a blooper drive about 75 yards well next thing you know a fox runs out picks up his ball and proceeds down the fairway we are laughing but the fox stops short of the green drops the ball about 25 feet from the green we get to his ball and he chips it on and one lutts for an eagle.
    We let him keep the score.

  14. Had a guy a few years back on the 2nd hole put his cigar thinking it was out back in his golf bag but it was still light and it ignited a can of bug spray and blew up his entire bag melting all his club and the other guy in his cart burning a hole it that bag

  15. Caddying Canadian Tour my guy has albatross… Ends week with 3,4,5!!! But there’s more same player and I am together two weeks late,,,his playing competitor makes and albatross, next day Friday same group the other player makes two..ON THE SAME HOLE!

  16. Playing. Pebble Beach with my stepson and two gentleman and their wives spectating from Southern Cal . Meet them on the putting green in front off the tap room. Both players and their wives were lit before they hit a shot . My stepson and I watched in amazement as they made their way around this beautiful golf course with out much trouble , while getting reinforcements from the bell captain at the lodge who could only get tall cans of PBR’s from a local liquor store . On 17 the pin was in the usual US Open position back left . One player hit the green short right and placed his tall can of beer right of his ball . He hits his putt horribly crooked and short . He then takes his putter and hits his beer can end over end with beer spilling out every time it rotates to within 6 inches of the hole on the fly . We all gave him the next one

  17. Player A hit his tee shot and
    Was not pleased with it, threw his driver 70 yards forward 90 yards left. Player B hit his drive, dead snaphook roughly 90 yards left, and we hear a loud “ping”. Ball hit the shaft of player A driver and snapped it. Right hand to god!

  18. Playing Stone Mountain’ Stonemont Course hole #10 with regular group, 2 golf pros and a former Atlanta Brave. We are playing skins with carryovers and steals. One pro hits his tee shot into about 4 ft with entire front nine plus 10 on the line. I had hit my tee shot left of the green into what would be the lake, but lake had receded about 15 yds so I am 12-14 yds out into the drying lakebed and my ball is resting on top of flattened Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can. In hazard so can’t move ball or ground club. I play it. It is about 30 yds to the pin. I hole it and pro misses his 4 footer!! I confirm 10 skins on next hole with par. That was probably 20 years ago, that pro saw this post of crazy things and sent me an email suggesting I mention the PBR hole out!

  19. lots of crazy stuff. a nasty condom in the hole on number 4 of the gray course at
    osu. saw a guy who using an adaptive cart because he could not walk, drive directly
    over the hole on number 11 at timber creek. the flag was in the hole and it pulled the
    entire cup and several feet of dirt along with it. had to have maintenance come out and put it back together. saw a caddie standing dead left of his player a right hander get
    hit directly in the middle of the chest from about 10 ft or so. thought he was dead, but the kid got up like it happened all the time on number 10 of the scarlet course at osu. lots of clubs in trees and even an entire bag hurled into the pond near number 18 at a course that closed in lima ohio. guy left the clubs even though some kid offered to fish them out for 10 bucks.

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