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What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed on the golf course?

Our followers have seen some crazy things on the golf course… including this, sent in by Twitter user @Kygolfnews.

If you play enough golf – or, for the purposes of this site, caddie enough – you see a lot of different things over the course of a round.

We recently asked our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers the following question: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever witnessed on the golf course?

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Well, let me tell you, you guys have most certainly seen some crazy things. Here’s a collection of our favorite answers that you responded with…

“An airplane landing on a par 5 fairway!” — @lorihoeksema

“Back when I was caddying… Had a guy in a group die of a heart attack on 18. Same thing happened a few years before that. Odd thing was both times it was the same looper on the bag. We nicknamed him ‘the Grim Reaper.’” — @Kygolfnews

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“Played 9 holes totally nude at Tanglewood in NC in early 70s. Foursome of buddies. Obviously, several beers involved!” — @tarheelsouth

“A guy topping his drive so violently that it buried about 4 inches in the ground in front of his tee. His gf/fiancé/wife said, ‘I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.’” — @hstansell4

“Yesterday actually… my putt went a couple of inches past the hole… completely stopped for couple seconds… then rolled back into the hole. Easy bird.” — @CarsleyGolf

“Plane crashed in the course I worked at in Florence, Ky. Unreal and sad to say the least. One fatality, everything else was replaceable.” — @DavidJPeruII

“Wasn’t on the course, but early morning saw a naked couple lying on a blanket on our range.” — @xx007

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“Played with a guy that made 200 feet of putts in a 9-hole match.” — @ethansbets

“Walker asked to join me. Whips out a bottle of JD, takes a swig, hits the ball and takes off running. Does it all day in the Texas heat. I finally ask why? he says that’s how he stays in shape.” — @dwillo67

“Tournament golf: a guy I played with made a 12 on a par 4 then made a hole-in-one four holes later.” — @mattjrion

“Caddying many years ago and the group I am in waves up the group behind… and the guy I got gets it in the eye.” — @Markste05362688

“Buddy drank 19 beers in 17 holes we were playing for about 20-25 a hole, he was down about 225 I said if he could hit a drive with his shirt over his head, we’d call it even. He whiffed and fell over three times.” — @bobos_bar

“I guy in my group years ago hits a high block, hits a roof, bounces up the roof once, then bounces three times going down the roof, hits a brick wall before bouncing back into play! He made par.” — @derbycaddy

“My buddy and I were chased by a runaway horse on the 10th fairway at Oak Knoll golf course in Crown Point, Indiana. Witnessed three deaths also on courses but those are sad, not crazy.” — @dave_hegan

“Witnessed a kid sitting on a bench waiting for the tee to open get hit in the beans with an errant shot. Still laugh about it.” — @schrantz_john

“Honda Civic Hatchback crashed into a tree with nobody around. Almost impossible to drive into this area of the course. We were the first group out and nobody had seen it there yet, so we called it in to the pro shop.” — @leezer99

“The guy that played David Justice in Moneyball tried to fight me during a city championship after he had hit his tee shot OB and I told him he had to go back and re-tee.” — @leezer99

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