What’s one thing that golf has given you that you never expected?

We asked our followers: What’s one thing golf has given you that you never expected? The answers were wide-ranging to say the least.

It’s the season of giving and it truly is the best time of the year.

And, if we’re being honest, it’s always nice to receive a little something, too, right?

In that spirit, we asked our Caddie Network followers on Twitter and Facebook to answer the following: What’s one thing that golf has given you that you never expected?

We received so many fantastic answers. Here’s a look at many of our favorites, with a variety of funny, serious and downright painful…

“A passion to build a company.” — @Whiskey_Pines

“The love for Gold Bond Menthol.” — @imavillageidiot

“A wonderful job and countless lifelong friends.” — @GusTheCaddie88

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“Putting Yips.” — @beineker

“A life of competing. Never thought it would continue like this..” — @JDubyah67

“Four back surgeries.” — @wdefrancesco

“New friends in new towns! Lived in London, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver and now Petaluma and have the game to thank for some incredible long-term friendships.” — @NickS17

“Anxiety.” — @2shots70

“Sooooo many friends.” — @GolfTravelerBOS

“The friendship and the banter. The health benefits and the weather.” — @ColinIrving

“A collection of overpriced putters! Ha!” — @replicaeng

“A game for life… regardless of skill.” — @joesanders59

“Lyme Disease.” — @tvguyjake

“Inner peace and a deeper connection to my family.” — @TheSideNotes

“Another puzzle to figure out. Also knowing the pros hit them into the woods, too. Just not as ugly.” — @scheibel_s

“Empty bank account.” — @captain78140963

“A number of friends who I would never have met anywhere else except on the golf course.” — @DannyR415

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“Amazing time with my daughter!” –@BobRoge321

“About 8,500 hours one-on-one with my Dad that I would have never had otherwise. #misshimeveryday #golftalk #fatherson.” — @puppajr

“A way to eke out a meager living working less than half the year.” — @LoopersProShop

“Awareness of how to treat people and how to not treat people.” — @vedderkj

“Patience.” — @kurush_heerjee

“A great life… and a living.” — @tommysoxx

“A career.” — @ahback9

“Perseverance.” — @LuebkeRon

“Hole-in-one.” — @nathanbyrd12

“Although I have always appreciated the connections with my dad’s side of our family through golf, it was when I recently became a club caddie at a U.S. Open course that I truly joined the Golf Universe! Just wish I had done this before my mid-60s!” — Dave Hall

“A career outside of the golf business. The ability to play good golf opens many doors of opportunity. I was lucky enough to recognize that.” — Corey Brown

“The great association to other people that love the game as much as I do, and to be able to share that.” — Mark D. Kubiak

“Awesome time with family going to PGA events.” — Harry Golliday

“Great memories with my son.” — Chris Jones

“A wife… then kids.” — Chris Bourquin

“A career. Superintendent.” — Michael Salinetti

“I got to spend four hours (actually less — he plays fast) with a former U.S. President (#43).” — Sam Dalton

“To know some of the top players in the world. And on a personal level, becoming closer to my dad before he passed.” — Edward Mickey Clark

“The ability to travel and make a living because of golf.” — Sean Harkins

“Humility.” — John Albritton


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