Taking a caddie for the first time? Get the most out of the experience with this advice…

You don’t have to be a pro to take a caddie… but taking a caddie will certainly make you feel like a pro. Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re playing an extra special round of golf at an extra special course that offers caddies, do yourself a favor and pay a little more to take a looper.

You can’t possibly understand how much taking a caddie will enhance your experience during those bucket-list rounds.

We’ve already had stories on how to help a caddie help you, 10 reasons why you should take a caddie and how to tip a caddie.

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This story is for those people out there getting ready to throw down the extra money to take a caddie for the first time.

We reached out recently to our @CaddieNetwork followers on Twitter – many of them caddies – to find out what advice they would give someone who is taking a caddie for the very first time.

Here’s what they told us…

28. “Bring them into the game and get to know them. It’ll be a pleasant distraction from your usual clumsiness.” — @Rathouz

27. “Huuuuuugggeee tip!!” — @kmaerke

26. “Instead of hearing what they say, LISTEN to what they say!” — @216WmBassJr

25. “If they do a good job let them know, and at the end take care of them. If you want help on the greens or clubbing ask, some guys won’t speak up unless asked. (I personally don’t like to step in on peoples’ game unless they ask for help)” — @chelwig54

24. “Don’t say, ‘I don’t think that putt is going to break that way,’ or be quick to grab a range finder after getting a distance. It will break that way and it is that far. Trust us. And give a generous tip, prob been out of work. Also: enjoy it, there’s nothing like taking a caddie.” — @_andrewwiley

23. “Lighten the bag.” — @ReasonablySA

22. “Get somebody that knows their craft and if they give you a great experience… tip/slip them.  The member doesn’t need to know.” — @Juice_Man_Can

21. “Trust until proven otherwise but DO NOT blame the caddie for anything. Take their advice but make a decision and own it yourself.” — @jasongraves12

20. “If it’s a longtime caddie… listen to EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. THEY. SAY.” — @MartinMcSports

19. “Get to know them, have a fun conversation while walking the course.” — @GolfTravelerBOS

18. “Interact — even if there’s language barrier.” — @Tansi5

17. “Trust his reads; the player walked it once. The caddie has seen it 100 times over.” — @Drewpy_Draper

16. “Never say, ‘really?’” — @ssfinn

15. “Have a conversation like they’re part of the group playing. When the caddies get involved it’s more fun for everyone.” — @Kellenonline

14. “Relax! They want you to play well. They have seen worse… maybe.” — @jimmie1066

13. “If it’s an experienced caddie tell him to take every advice the caddie gives you into account. They know the course better than anyone. If they are just starting out or it’s just kids, be patient. They are scared and nervous. If you can’t be patient. Carry your own bag.” — @DannyGolfBucky4

12. From @Lefty112168…

  1. Take all the “extra crap” out of your bag and leave it in your car.
  2. Engage the caddie in a conversation.
  3. Listen and Learn.
  4. Tip well.

11. “Before: listen, we know the course better than you. After: If you can afford to play the course that asks you to take a caddie, you can afford to pay the caddie well.” — @TheHershAZ

10. “Listen to where the miss is on the approach. They know where the double bogey lies.” — @jas513_john

9. “Be friendly.” — @mcgrathm27

8. “Ask questions! Expect a lot from your caddie… they want you to do well so be interactive.” — @TrentFields8482

7. “Think about it as if you are receiving advice from a financial advisor, doctor, or lawyer. They know more than you do so no need to question every decision.” — @JamesKMuldowney

6. “Wherever the caddie tells you to putt it, putt it there.” — @PTC2242

5. “Listen to them. They know the course and the greens better than anyone. Ask them about their life. The guys I’ve had at Bandon are great guys with interesting lives. Lastly, tip well!” — @thetripleBB

4. “Treat him like a partner for the round. Tip generously.” — @KVollero

3. “Respect their knowledge.” — @thunt4uk

2. “Understand most double bag, give them a break if they aren’t there to monitor your every shot. That being said, if you and the other bag are on opposite sides of the hole, use the club he gives you, it’s the right club, trust me.” — @scwilson8


1. “Do not, and I mean, do not say, ‘are you sure?’ They want you to have fun and play well… they’re on your side!” — @scottpetrozza

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