Sergio’s caddie avoids an outburst and Phil’s tribute to his brother

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson is enjoying having brother, Tim, on the bag. Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

As golf’s schedule moved from our brethren’s Open across the pond to our friendly neighbor’s up north, caddies around the world adjusted to the reality that the golf season — gasp! — is already three-quarters of the way over. Maybe that’s why everybody seemed a bit more cheery than usual last week. Or perhaps it was just that signature Canadian politeness rubbing off on people.

Here’s what we mean…

Caddie First, MLB Commissioner Second

The good feelings starting with, of all people, former Major League Baseball commissioner Peter Ueberroth. He was inducted into the Caddie Hall of Fame late last week and used the opportunity to praise the profession’s junior ranks…

It’s a glowing recommendation, and it’s hard not to see the truth in it. It only takes a few seconds of digging to discover that so many successful people caddied at some point in his youth.

Brotherly Love

Speaking of heartfelt compliments, take a look at Phil Mickelson talking about his brother-turned-caddie, Tim. In a video for KPMG, he spoke glowingly about his brother’s skills, calling him a “phenomenal” reader of greens and “phenomenal” puller of clubs. And apart from all that, Phil said that he even “likes” being around him.

Don’t Call it a Comeback

Fanny Sunesson, one of the greatest caddies of all time, took up the bag once again for Adam Scott at the British Open en route to a T-17 finish. Scott left the door open for her to stay on the bag more regularly — “it would be up to her,” he said — and now, Fanny seems to be flirting with the idea herself…

Stay Safe, Caddies

And finally, let’s send some thoughts and prayers for Sergio Garcia’s caddie, Mark Chaney. After chipping his ball a grand total of 2 feet from the greenside, Sergio slammed his club against his bag so hard that his caddie flinched pretty hard. Potential disaster avoided. Who knew caddying was so dangerous?

Sergio’s caddy thought his life was over 😳

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