A looper engagement, a tour of the wineries and more in this Napa-centric, caddie social media round up

Napa proved to be the perfect setting for caddie Tim Mickelson to propose to the love of his life. Photo: @timmick29

We kick off this week’s social media caddie round up with a huge congratulations to Tim Mickelson, who got engaged in Napa during the Safeway Open. Tim, congrats to you and the beautiful bride-to-be!


Now, about Napa… You know wine aficionado Kenny Harms — caddie for Kevin Na — enjoyed himself in his downtime.




Loopers ate well at the Safeway Open and were appreciative of the stellar grub. Caddie Todd Montoya gave a sampling of the dishes…

Eating that quality food at the course gave Montoya some extra time to do that less-than-glamorous stuff those who live a life on the road need to tend to…

There was a sort of morbid social media experiment going on early last week where the following situation and question were posed: You’ve been kidnapped. Your kidnappers allow you to keep tweeting to pretend everything is alright. What would you tweet that would alarm your followers without the kidnappers knowing you’re asking for help?

Caddie Aaron Flener (who was on the bag for buddy Colt Knost last week, while regular boss J.T. Poston took a week off) had a fantastic response…

Guess that means we won’t be seeing Aaron looking for a campsite with buddy Crunchman Pete anytime soon…

Speaking of Crunchman… he wasn’t in Napa, but he sure was enjoying golf and nature during a week away from the Tour:

By now, surely you’re familiar with Club Pro Guy, the social media sensation, right? If you’re not, allow Kip Henley’s tweet to give you the long overdue introduction… and be sure to watch the video:

Geno Bonnalie, looper for Joel Dahmen, was pretty excited to see that his boss had drawn Fred Couples as a playing partner for the first two rounds of the Safeway Open. For one, they love Couples (who doesn’t?). But also, Bonnalie wanted to get some revenge after losing to Couples a week earlier by eight strokes (in a video game):

As it turned out, Dahmen and Couples were sent packing early with missed cuts.

Speaking of Couples, Harms got this video of his sweet swing on the course before the start of the Safeway Open…


And what would a week at a Tour event be without a Harms pizza review?


Finally, caddie Julian Trudeau celebrated a wedding anniversary with pro golfer Mallory Blackwelder on Friday and recognized the occasion — hilariously — in this post:

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