My personal favorite golf memory is ___________.

Maury Hodgens, middle, tabs winning The Caddie Network’s #CajunCaddie sweepstakes earlier this year and hanging out with Tour players and caddies as his personal favorite golf memory.

Everyone who plays golf has that one moment when they fell in love with the game.

We recently asked our @CaddieNetwork followers on Twitter to complete the following sentence:

My personal favorite golf memory is ___________.

Here’s a collection of our favorite answers submitted by followers…

“Walking Augusta National for the first time, by myself, very late in the day on Monday of Tournament week, with virtually no one else on the course. It was simply breathtaking, and awe inspiring. Just me and Augusta. It was special. #Augusta #TheMasters #Caddie #CaddieLife” — @ToddCaddie

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“When my son said, ‘Dad, can we go hit some balls?’” — @rlmgrandpa

“Last time I played with my father before he passed. He could barely swing, but he made it around 9. Best day ever!” — @tsrfarr

“I was golfing with my Dad, and we came to a hole that you needed to hit the ball 200 yards to carry the water and get to the fairway. Dad was 81 and too proud to play from the senior/lady tees. He skulled it and it skipped 2 or 3 times to the middle of the fairway!” — @fourniercasey1

“Playing matches against my dad for ham sandwiches. I’d give them all back for another round with him.” — @drleemeyers

“AK tuning up Sergio at the Ryder Cup in Sunday singles.” — @JTBiggaFigga42

“First hole-in-one. June 6, 1999 with my dad, my godfather and his daughter. I remember it like it was yesterday.” — @Fan70Mizzy

“Winning the #Cajuncaddieexperience and spending time inside the ropes with some of the best caddies in the world. @GenoBonnalie” — @Rockgolfpro

“My personal favorite golf memory is getting to caddie at the Masters for the Par Three Tournament. #Golftalk” — @gizmodaddy

“Getting hit by a stray ball of a tree when I was 9 by Chi Chi Rodriguez and getting a glove and autograph.” — @JesseJamesATL

“Standing on the first tee at @BethpageGolf Black with my best friend.” — @GolfTravelerBOS

“Playing rounds with my Pops!” — @Bobby_Presto

“Going to Tuesday practice round at the 2018 Masters with my dad (70), my wife and a friend.  Dad taught me the game and to give that back was awesome. And my course-record-tying 64 @GolfKenosee the same year!” — @12browneye

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“Happened today caddying actually… read a putt (ball out right) guy misses the spot barely, ball ends up falling in after being on the lip for a moment. ‘That went from a bad read, to a good read Jackson.’” — @JMoney_508

“Sneaking on backside at @paintsvilleinv course with @tylervanhoose when it would rain so no one would catch us play golf. If it wasn’t for that, don’t know if either of us would’ve started playing.” — @Coach_Hess718

“The day my son broke 70 for the first time at 14 yrs old. First hole-in-one and shot 69 on the same day to finish in the lead and win the tournament. He’s now 18, 6’5” and a freshman playing golf in college.” — @ImLeakinOil

“Playing 9 holes with Phil Mickelson when he was 13 at Stardust GC in San Diego. He was a super polite kid & I’ve been a big fan ever since!” — @juliebarr83

“Designing/developing a putter with my son 15 years ago to create awareness and generate support of the disease he has (been in remission for several years now).” — @1LogicalOne

“That’s a tough one. Probably Rory and GMac repeatedly high-fiving me walking off a green having won their match during the 2010 Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor.” — @XanderMumbles

“Being introduced to the game at a very young age by my Dad. That was over 50 years ago and I’m still playing with the same passion I had as a kid thanks to him.” — @JeffroySommers

“My grandfather’s 79 impala waiting to pick me up on Saturdays to go golfing at Blackwood.” — @iggles103

“April 14th 2019.” — @HoustonNoProb1

“Taking my Boss to Sunday’s 97 Masters and being on the 18th at the end… Then going back with him to Masters in 2000, then playing Pebble, Spyglass and PH#2 in the same month.” — @AlfyG3

“Earliest memory. Playing golf with my dad and a friend of his at Cherokee golf course. I was probably 10 years old. We were on the par 3 8th hole and my dad’s friend said go ahead and hit you can’t get to the green. I showed him by peppering one into the group on the green.” — @Kygolfnews

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“Any time, any place playing with my brothers.” — @GeoffMarsh3366

“Playing a Saturday afternoon round with Mom and Dad then having supper on the patio just off the 18th. Very fond memories.” — @_Qonquistador

“My hole-in-one. 185-yard 6-iron at Ocean City Golf Club. Was legit.” — @justonlyjohn

“Qualifying for the Byron Nelson in a playoff.” — @BillyBarroo03

“Making an eagle putt from 6 feet in front of a nice sized crowd while playing a pro-am round with Lee Trevino in 1988.” — @Kevvo77

“Chipping into trash cans for @SNICKERS in junior golf. The beginning of a love story with #golf.” — @easyofficepools

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“1. Playing Pebble Beach with my son. 2. Having my first hole-in-one in 2016. 3. Playing with my father when he had his hole-in-one in 1967.” — @heyderuzguys

“Walking up to the line at St Andrews with my dad as a 12-year-old kid and getting on that morning. Parred 17! Second was 30 years later taking the old man to Bandon for 3 days for his 70th.” — @JbarryBrd

“First and only hole-in-one back in ’86 playing with pop, grand pop (Mike I / Mike II / Mike III) and uncle.” — @ocwake89

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