Most unnecessary items caddies have stumbled across in golf bags

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Golf bags are heavy enough without unnecessary stuff weighing them down. Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you play enough golf, chances are you know off the top of your head of at least three items (probably a lot more) that have no business being in your golf bag.

But, over the years, weird stuff just accumulates in there for some reason.

If you’re playing a special round and taking a caddie, it’s worthwhile to take some time to go through that bag before arriving at the course to get some of that unnecessary junk out.

For starters, you don’t need all that stuff in there. But, most importantly, do you really need it in there for the caddie to lug around for a few hours?

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We recently asked our caddies friends in @CaddieNetwork Twitter land to answer the following question: What are the strangest, most unnecessary things you’ve come across in golf bags?

The answers sure didn’t disappoint. Here’s a collection of our favorites…

“After playing today I’d have to say the clubs themselves.” — @Teamfrench23

“A 1 iron.” — @soarshigh701

“Iron covers.” — @jb9004

Few things will scare a caddie away quicker than seeing a bag filled with iron covers.

“A 15th club…” — @jrzimmermanjr

“Back in the 70s, guy had a 75ft tape measure to settle who’s away when needed.” — @Coachjayryan

“20 pairs of hand warmers in JULY!!!!” — @YohannBenson

“VHS tapes of his swing.” — @bearcatpat

“91 golf balls… had to pull them out to count after feeling the weight of bag when getting them out of the trunk.” — @JoshRawn

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“60 golf balls on Pinehurst No. 2. There is only one water hazard with a 160 carry… if you duck hook it.” — @llockard

“It’s never anything super strange or weird. Usually it’s a few boxes (not sleeves) of balls they forgot were there. Did have one guy apologize for his bag and the clubs “never fitting well” … I pulled a water bottle out of the bottom where the grips go, it was several years old.” — @JerryLouLooper1

“A suit and dress shoes. 🤷‍♂️” — @LiamGruzs

“4 dozen golf balls, plus water hole balls and a putting ball! Oh, 💩 and a golf ball retriever.” — @imavillageidiot

“Another set of irons 🥴” — @Phillip_Casson

“Extra balls by the dozen, an umbrella and rain suit when there’s no chance in rain, extra clubs, & I looped for one guy and made him put his second pair of shoes back in the car. C’mon man.” — @hokieheel2

“Empty beer cans and whiskey bottles #golftalk” — @derbycaddy

“Umbrellas in San Diego (or anywhere if you just check the weather) and 1/3 of the clubs if you’re not better than a 15 handicap.” — @BMy19

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“Hate to say it, but not when I caddied — but as a 59-year-old player, I carry an extra pair of underwear. 🙁” — @TSK2700

“When I caddied at the old Doral golf tournament in Florida, the amateur I got stuck with had a pair of street shoes and six dozen golf balls in his bag. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper.” — @ricktgolf

“Only happened once… dude took toilet paper with him on the course.” — @redkacheek

This thread. Yikes…

“Shoes, extra hats, clubs they proclaim on the first tee they never hit, 60 golf balls.” — @BradAHerring

“Gotta agree with shoes. In 8 years of caddying not once have I had a player make a “shoe change” during a round. Probably because I will refuse to carry a bag with them in there!” — @Dan_Banach

“Unopened bottle of vodka. Guy said it was a gift at a tournament and forgot about it. He ended up letting me keep it. 🤣” — @trestice_hs

“The value pack of condoms.” — @JoeFabianski

“Besides an extra 2 dozen balls, extra pair of shoes, socks. The worst thing anyone could carry are those god-awful iron covers.” — @chelwig54

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“A 2-liter (0.53 gallon) bottle of water… that he didn’t start drinking until 15 tee, on top of all the rain gear and beer.” — @MccormackMarc

“A manicure kit… unfreakinbelievable.” — @tashlin001

“The guy, who worked for the USGA, had a Sunday bag stuffed into his regular bag’s big pocket. I thanked him, used the Sunday bag and left all the other shit by the CM podium.” — @oc_erit

“Extra belt buckle — in case another dude had the same one.” — @buefordthehound

“An obscene amount of tees, ball markers, divot tools and pencils!” — @sweetppro

“A roll of blue painter’s tape. Told him if I’m carrying it, he better find a point in the round to utilize it.” — @PatrickScheil

“Two extra pairs of shoes buried in the side pocket of a US Congressman’s (now Senator’s) bag.” — @jbags68


  1. Been dealing with this for over 20 years… Hip replacement and. Cervical neck replacement.. All you need is 6 balls, tees, ball marker, sharpie and 2 gloves.. Bag should weight 22lbs or less for Amuater golfers. Single strap bags only!!! Don’t need a knife dor for a strap.. Average round private course is 4hrs and its not flat especially when going left and right and backwards.. if you happen to have a caddy allow him to concentrate on your shots wind and reads not your bag. All the bag does is lessen services that the caddy can give you!

    A true caddie like myself would grab a bag and rape your bag if you show up to the course over 22 pounds.. don’t get mad you’ve been warned!

  2. Great forum
    I was caddying in a downpour and my player asked what direction the rain was coming from and I just pointed up to the sky.

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