FAQ: How do you read a greens book?

Dustin Johnson, Austin Johnson
PGA Tour caddies answer the most frequently asked questions from our Caddie Network readers and followers. Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Through our readers and social media followers here at The Caddie Network, we often receive questions related to the caddie profession. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from our readers and followers and tasked actual PGA Tour caddies to serve up the answers based on their experiences. Here are the answers — from PGA Tour caddies — to the questions we most often receive from you.

One of the most helpful tools for players and caddies alike are the detailed green-reading books. Those handy books tucked away in their back pockets display the undulation in greens and so much more. So, how do caddies read them?

How do you read a greens book?

Greens books are the easiest things, for not just caddies but anyone with eyes, to read. They are filled with arrows that show where the ball breaks down as it slows. Why these pros take so long is anyones guess. For me, it’s a guide. If the arrows are sloping left to right then it’s more likely than not going right. Are they wrong sometimes? Yes — greens are organic and living so they change.

You’ve seen pros reactions when they go the other way. It’s funny.

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