Caddie Confidential: In what ways could widespread golf gambling make things different for you or your player?

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Welcome to the second installment of our “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. On the tee this month: insights from caddies for and against gambling on the PGA Tour.

Gambling has always been a big part of sports. But now that it can be done legally in many states, more people now than ever before are adding an extra layer of entertainment to their sports watching. We’ve already asked dozens of PGA Tour caddies whether or not more betting in professional golf is good or bad.

But now we want to know: In what ways — if at all — could widespread golf gambling make things different for players.

By now, we’re certainly accustomed to seeing nasty social media posts geared toward players in various sports who may not have performed to their Fantasy owner’s liking (it’s ridiculous, isn’t it?). But with real money on the line it can be even worse.

A caddie told us as much: “Spectators causing disturbances. Golf has always been a game of honor. Gambling could change that.”

Another caddie said: “It could possibly mean more armchair critics getting upset at players for losing their money, but I think overall it’s a favorable situation to have more people watching golf.”

So, in what way(s) could widespread golf gambling make things different for you or your player?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

When a fan loses a bet, they are inappropriate. That could make things different.

Just another way to supplement my income. Or a way to motivate your player on a final round after a bad third round. “Come on pro! Momma needs shoes and baby needs clothes!”

I don’t think it would directly affect my player.

If done correctly, I don’t think it will alter professional golf.

It wouldn’t impact my player at all.

Please, please, please don’t read your comments on social media. I’m pretty confident there will be some vile comments from people directed towards players who didn’t win them their bets.

Shouldn’t make a difference.

It might add more money in the purse.

None whatsoever unless it had some impact on increasing the purse. But I don’t see how that would happen.

You might hear guys in the crowd saying, “come on man! I bet on you!” But that being said, it could be entertaining to hear. I don’t think it affects the players.

The scrutiny by the gallery could intensify after every made or missed shot. Especially if mobile betting in allowed on the grounds.

On an individual level, nothing, other than greater viewership leading to bigger purses.

More exposure could possibly lead to more sponsorship money.

My player could be noticed more.

The only thing it would bring is more banter from the gallery. Play well, they like you … play poorly, they will let you know about it. Bottomline, my man doesn’t care if you lost or won money betting on him.

It could change the fan experience in a way that includes more “hoo’s” ‘n “ha’s” from the crowds (if/when fans come back).

It’s going to bring in more money in endorsements for players and caddies.

The only issue is the live betting, which may influence how a fan might act when they are spectating onsite.

I think you’ll have a lot more people shouting from the crowd.

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