FAQ: Do PGA Tour caddies pay their own expenses?

In most cases, PGA Tour caddies are responsible for covering their own travel expenses. Credit: Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Through our readers and social media followers here at The Caddie Network, we often receive questions related to the caddie profession. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions from our readers and followers and tasked actual PGA Tour caddies to serve up the answers based on their experiences. Here are the answers — from PGA Tour caddies — to the questions we most often receive from you.

The PGA Tour is truly a traveling circus. It moves from city to city every week — a lot of times with the same people. Understandably, there are lots of expenses to consider. Stuff like hotels, flights, rental cars, food and more. So what are a PGA Tour caddie’s expenses like? We asked Patrick Cantlay’s looper, Matt Minister.

Do PGA Tour caddies pay their own expenses?

Minister: In 99 percent of caddie cases, we pay all of our expenses. On a normal week, we have to fly to the event, get to the airport and rent a car. We stay in hotels or rented condos/ homes. We have daily meals and we normally pay for two of them. We usually eat one meal at the course. We may have to pay for laundry, gas, yardage books, tips and other daily things. We cover all of this with our own money. It is all viewed as expense at the end of the year for tax preparation.

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  1. What about international trips? That seems like a huge expense for caddie if a MC comes into play.

  2. Do Tour caddies get their taxes withheld from their checks,?Who writes the caddie’s check? My understanding was that caddies are paid by an organization and all taxes are withheld. Who actually is responsible? How does the system work? I worked as Craig Harmon’s Caddie Master for 12 years at Oak Hill CC and did have a caddie on the LPGA Tour. I belive this was the information I received when we were discussing taxes. Can you clarify for me?

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