Worst conditions you’ve ever played or caddied in? Here’s a list

What are the worst conditions you’ve ever played or caddied in? Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

If there’s one thing those of us who love golf know about the game, it’s the fact that it’s an obsession almost to the point of a sickness.

Many people will play (or have to caddie) no matter the severity of the conditions. Even in the worst of conditions, a day on the golf course beats just about anything, right?

So, we recently pitched this question to our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers: “What’s the coldest temp/worst conditions you’ve ever played (or caddied) a round of golf in?”

And, man, you guys have played in some lousy stuff.

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Let’s take a look at a collection of the best answers we received about the brutal conditions our followers have roughed it out in. Oh, and remember, just because a water hazard appears to be frozen solid doesn’t mean you should attempt to hit your ball off it to save a stroke. In conditions like this, you’re not scaring any course records anyway…


These are the worst conditions our followers have ever played or caddied in…

“Played a round with my dad and 2 buddies back in Northern Ireland. Didn’t quit until we couldn’t find the balls in the snow. #characterbuilding #wewonbyforfeit” — @CoachGElliott

“@TPCSanAntonio @PGATOURCanada Q school this year 45* raining and blowing 25…. @The_Myster_E and @claytonlyons had their work cut out for them.” — @gaugs88



“30F and flurries. I was probably 20 years old. Now 41. Those days are over.” — @percocetopenia

“Didn’t play in these worst conditions but caddied in them. 50 to 60 sustained wind gusts to 70. Pacific Dunes so we were on the coast. Sideways rain mixed with hail so we couldn’t see past 5 feet in front of our feet. I feared for my life but I’m still alive, lol.” — @bullfrog111

“37, heavy driving rain, 20 MPH. Played colder, but that was the worst.” — @dogzeus





“Western Pennsylvania winters can become unplayable because of the snow on the ground that doesn’t melt. My friend, John, and I had played 23 consecutive months. We had an early December snow that didn’t melt. But, on Dec. 24th we finally got 24 in a row at 28°, but we did play.” — @DannyR415

“My dearly departed Mother and I were playing one fall day when it started snowing like mad. While discussing how ridiculous we were a friend walked down an adjacent fairway in shorts. We felt much better about our decisions.” — @dan_stanford

“About every Saturday when I was 25 playing with my wife’s grandfather. 25 degrees in December and we spent the entire round trying to convince each other it “wasn’t that bad” when the wind died down. It was that bad…” — @brockgolfer

“1997 Boston College Invitational Oyster Harbor, Cape Cod. They pushed all the snow in the bunkers and if we hit into one, it was free relief. The tournament was called because of the cold after 27 holes. Low 40s windchill in the 20s. One of the reasons why I live in FLA now.” — @slicelynn

“Probably high 30s. Greens were like pool tables, ball would hit and ricochet off, had to land it 10 yards short. But if you it it into water it bounced off… so that was good.” — @anthonyvilla_17

“Dec 7, 2016. 30 with 22 windchill at start. 34 with 26 windchill at finish. 3-5 club wind. I wet my towel on 1st tee and when I went to wipe my club in 1st fairway it was completely frozen. Birdied first 4 Shot 32-31 which was my best score ever by 3 strokes.” — @sandersmike231

“14 degrees (F), 25 kt winds, at Chambers Bay during a member tournament. Had to use rubber driving range tees because the turf was hard frozen. Driver or putter on the par 3 holes. Memorable fun!” — @ftngleprechaun

“Many years ago, played on Christmas Day at Canterbury C.C. On the fourth tee my cousin hit his drive and the ball split in two. Think it was about 40ish degrees, but shady areas had a couple feet of snow.” — @dgordon69635035


“Caddied 13 days in Sea Island, GA. Had 1 day off. The 1 day off it rained and wind blew similar to a hurricane. Us 12 Pinehurst caddies had to play while we were there so roughed it out and played The Retreat. Was fun.” — @tmarkey11

“Played in a tournament at Olympia Fields in May one year. Sunshine and shorts for two practice rounds then a cold front came through. Rain and 42 degrees. Think wind chill was around 35… no fun on North course.” — @houstc00

“Lived in Wisconsin my whole life so a little term called ‘wind chill’ needs to be in this conversation. That being said… in the teens, last October at Whistling Straits. Caddies were walking backwards with two bags because of the sleet and wind.” — @GBPackersFan36

“Used to play in a New Year’s Day tournament in Illinois. One year 4 inches of snow and wind chill in the teens. Lots of whiskey consumed to keep warm.” — @neillmp

“28. Showed up at 24 and they needed the frost to clear on the greens. Don’t care to do it again. Buddies trip so didn’t get to play with my boys often, so we braved it.” — @biggsyNC

“For many years (in my younger days) I’d play with three buddies on New Year’s Eve regardless of the weather.  Cold, rain, snow, whatever.  Shots off of a frozen pond were always fun!!” — @OldBalcony

“Played Portmarnock in the wind and rain soaked through to the bone… on returning to the clubhouse we were told we were the only group to play 18 holes that day.” — @HeathlandBlog


“College tournaments at Purdue in early April. My senior year we teed off and it was 40 degrees with 25 mph winds, and flurries. It was… miserable.” — @BenBoyer1

“Played 36 at Sunningdale in torrential rain. For the second loop I took off all my waterproofs as they were pointless and played in swimming shorts and a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. I couldn’t have been more wet if I’d gone and sat in the pond, so I thought f*** it.” — @cr4wf1e

“-17° Frostbite Scramble in MD 1992. 17th hole is an uphill par 3 184 yards dead into the wind, no one reached the green ripping drivers!!” — @JohnCalarco32

“Played this past Jan ‘20 it was 24* with 25-30mph winds. Used a hammer and ice pick to get tees in ground. Fun day.” — @baldjoe

“@kiawahresort Ocean Course. Sustained winds of 30mph and gusts in the 50s. Caddies couldn’t believe they let us out. I hit a hooded 3i 100yds and a PW 180 on the same side. Exhausting day.” — @ThriftyHeel

“Played in the snow at Canadian Tour qualifying school. It was June and I was way underdressed. It was in the 80s the year before.” — @TMillerGolf

“Scotland near Inverness in October. Cold, windy and rainy/sleet. I was the only one on the course, but it had to be done. Played like the bishop in Caddyshack too!” — @njbailey1981

“Let’s just say I rolled a shot over a pond on a course on Cape Cod on year.” — @GolfTravelerJoe

“Played in Iceland with temps at 30 and windchill at 20. Pretty hefty wind as it always is.” — @Jydean82

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