What are the most important things caddies do for their players in high-stress moments?

Gillette 72 Club member Ryan Goble, caddie for Will Zalatoris. Credit: Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Gillette allows you to stay prepared for whatever comes in life, keeps you dry, allows you to stay fresh until that 72 holes is up, allows people to focus on their lives without the stress of potentially sweating — just like caddies help pros focus on their golf rounds – and continues to deliver on its promise of freshness during high-pressure moments. Just like caddies help keep players calm during these moments. Gillette 72 Club caddie members Matt Minister and Ryan Goble told us how they prepare for all these situations on the course.

The best athletes in the world have a remarkable ability to stay calm in the most intense moments. It’s what makes them great.

While that’s also true in golf, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a solid caddie there for positive reinforcement, or to all together reset a player’s focus and be their biggest cheerleader.

When caddie Ryan Goble, a member of Gillette’s 72 Club, finds himself with a player in a high-stress moment or round, he follows a certain mantra.

“Remain calm and only show emotion if it is positive,” Goble said. “You need to be a rock out there for your player. That can mean a lot of different things over the course of 72 holes, but – most importantly – you’re not there to bring any more stress to the situation. Instead, you’re there to do whatever you can to alleviate and bring that level of stress down to a level where the player can still perform at his or her best.”

Veteran caddie Matt Minister, also a 72 Club member, said that keeping his player calm and relaxed in high-stress situations is paramount to the success they have together.

“I try and talk and keep my tone the same all the way around the course,” Minister explained. “That way there isn’t a difference when it is a normal situation or a stressful situation. I try and not be concerned of our position in the event, as you should be trying to execute the best shot possible no matter where you stand… Unless you have a two-shot lead on the last hole of course! Always stay in the moment! If you do that, your 72-hole result should be what you want.”

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