How caddies keep their players calm in high-pressure moments

Gillette 72 Club member Matt Minister, caddie for Patrick Cantlay. Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Gillette allows you to stay prepared for whatever comes in life, keeps you dry, allows you to stay fresh until that 72 holes is up, allows people to focus on their lives without the stress of potentially sweating — just like caddies help pros focus on their golf rounds – and continues to deliver on its promise of freshness during high-pressure moments. Just like caddies help keep players calm during these moments. Gillette 72 Club caddie members Matt Minister and Ryan Goble told us how they prepare for all these situations on the course.

When a tournament is on the line, it’s not unusual for golfers to experience feelings they haven’t felt before. Those nerves or butterflies that come with contending – most will tell you – is the reason they play the game.

Caddie Ryan Goble, a member of Gillette’s 72 Club, recalls a time where he needed to bring his player back into the moment to focus squarely on the task at hand.

“It was the 16th tee at a tournament in Colorado one year,” Goble said. “I remember the player getting a little ahead of himself and I just tried to slow him down, so he didn’t hurry an important tee shot. Overall, as a caddie, you’re just trying to stay positive during high-pressure rounds. It really makes a big difference to your player.”

Longtime caddie and 72 Club member Matt Minister remembers a couple of times where he felt like he was able to successfully calm a player and get him in the right frame of mind during a high-pressure moment.

“I recall a time when my player was trying to win his first event,” Minister said. “He had hit a big hook and was going to play a crazy shot. I remember taking our time and slowing the thought process down. I did my best to run him through the scenarios and make the best decision. It was a nervous time in the 72-hole event, and he made a good bogey instead of a bigger number and went on to win.

“Another time, I remember when I could sense the pressure and nerves coming into play on the last nine holes of a 72-hole event,” Minister continued. “I decided to tell my pro how nervous he was making me as a joke. He didn’t think it was funny at the time, but a couple nervy holes later he settled down and went on to win. He mentioned what I said in his winning speech, and I think acknowledging how we were feeling provided a relief. We are trying to be a team and a caddie can take some of the burden.”

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