Watch: Paul Tesori explains the ‘Tiger Who?’ story

The 2000 Presidents Cup was the third event Paul Tesori ever caddied on the PGA Tour. At that time, he was with International Team member Vijay Singh. In Singh’s singles match against Tiger Woods at that event — where the Americans needed a measly 1.5 points in the session to win — Tesori thought it would be fun and good-natured to wear a hat that read, “Tiger Who?” on the back.

If you remember, Tiger won three of the four majors in 2000… Singh won the only major Tiger didn’t that year — the Masters. Like Tesori, Singh also thought the hat was funny.

But guess who wasn’t amused? Tiger. And he took it out on Singh by not conceding so much as a 1 millimeter putt at one point.

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Woods played the last 13 holes of the match in 7-under par to beat Singh, 2 and 1.

Tesori apologized to Woods shortly after the Presidents Cup, but the media took off with the story of the hat — something Tesori swears was never his intention.

Now, years later, and having been a part of several team events together, Woods and Tesori are buddies and the “Tiger Who?” hat story is one of Tiger’s favorites.

You get to hear about all that, as well as Tesori’s own impressive record as a player, in this final installment of Michael Collins’ visit with the Tesori family.



  1. Great to see, hear the viewpoints of the other guys behind the ropes! This is a virtually untapped resource for often hilarious highlights and sidelights ! All the best ! Matt Bloom —- Tour caddie, 1982 to 1986

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