Watch: Caddie appreciation for PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan cannot be understated

There’s no denying this fact: Life for caddies has changed for the better on the PGA Tour over the last few years.

In this latest installment with America’s Caddie Michael Collins, PGA Tour caddie Paul Tesori and his wife, Michelle, explain just how much things have changed.

It was more evident than ever, the Tesori family says, when Jay Monahan became the PGA Tour Commissioner in January 2017.

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Paul Tesori is effusive in his praise for Monahan, who he says has said and done things for caddies on the PGA Tour that were pretty much unheard of previously.

That extends to the Tesori family’s charitable efforts with the Tesori Family Foundation.

Watch the video above to see just how much Commissioner Monahan’s actions have meant to caddies like Tesori and also learn about Tesori’s adorable son, Isaiah. Isaiah was born with Down Syndrome and the way PGA Tour caddies and players rallied around the Tesori family is truly heartwarming.


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