Watch: ‘How to rake a bunker’ with Michael Collins and Kip Henley

Michael Collins, Kip Henley
Raking a bunker is an art form that you CAN master. Michael Collins and Kip Henley explain.

You’re probably not too happy after your ball has gone into a bunker.

You’re especially not too pleased if, on top of being in the bunker, your ball falls victim to a nasty lie due to a lousy rake job.

There’s no need for a lousy rake job, folks.

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In this video, America’s Caddie Michael Collins and PGA Tour caddie Kip Henley walk you through the right – and wrong – way to rake a bunker.

As Henley explains, a poorly raked bunker on the PGA Tour can cost a player and a caddie some serious dough… he knows from experience.


  1. My buddy Michael Collins continues to be the greatest Golf Commentator of all time. Keep up the great work !!

  2. Perhaps it is a course specific thing, but do you typically leave the rake in the bunker or outside of the bunker?

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