PGA Tour caddie gives you front-row seat to COVID-19 nasal swab test

Kyle Peters
Caddie Kyle Peters is our correspondent at this week’s Charles Schwab Challenge. Credit: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve all heard that the COVID-19 nasal test is far from the most pleasant experience in the world. But players and caddies at this week’s Charles Schwab Challenge were required to take that test upon arrival in Fort Worth to be sure they were healthy and not putting others at risk.

Kyle Peters, caddie for Tour winner Corey Conners, is an on-site correspondent for The Caddie Network this week. To give you an idea of what the test looks like, Peters sent us this video of his test.

Yeah — about as unpleasant as described. Peters did tell us that as bad as it looked, it was “only a 2 on a 1-10 pain scale.”

That’s a good thing, too. Because players and caddies will be taking this same test at every event for the foreseeable future.

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