The absolute worst feeling to have as a caddie is _____________.

A lost ball is rarely — if ever — a caddie’s fault. But it still isn’t a great feeling for a looper. Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

There’s that feeling you get in life every now and again – hopefully not often – where you just know you screwed up.

It’s not a good feeling to have.

Hopefully, in most cases, you can eventually look back and have a laugh at your blunder if it wasn’t too costly for you or anyone else.

These things happen to everyone, but we’re going to focus on caddies (naturally; it’s what we’re about).

Caddies can be punching bags for their players – it comes with the job. But there are some instances where the caddie actually is to blame.

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There are also those times where you ask yourself, “what have I gotten myself in to?” That can happen a lot for resort/club caddies taking a loop with high handicappers.

Then there can be the decisions caddies make – maybe a late night before an early tee time; or not preparing adequately for the conditions they’re going to face for a 4-5-hour round – that can really mess up their day.

With that, we asked the loopers among our @CaddieNetwork Twitter following to fill in the blank: “The absolute worst feeling to have as a caddie is __________.

Here’s a collection of the answers we received… and, as you’ll see, they weren’t all based on decisions made on the course.

40. “Chafed” — @DiezPGA

39. “Hungover in hot humid August carrying two for bad golfers.” — @OcStagger

38. “Hedge fund Johnny Blue Tee. No tip, no game.” — @whitetiger007tp

37. “Iron covers.” — @chelwig54

36. “Hearing, ‘Your bags are the two rental sets at the end of the range.’” — @johnlewman1yah1

35. “Missing the tee is up and then wondering why the ball just air mailed the green.” — @darrenbrown119

34. “Oh shit! I’ve been giving him the pin locations for the wrong side.” — @jeremyl1383

33. “When you size up your loop thinking they can’t hit it, go out to forecaddie on the first hole and they bomb it over your head into the rough and you can’t find the ball. Literally priceless!” — @LiciousLounge

32. “Ball retriever.” — @mullaney_matt

31. “Forgetting a club.” — @JoshMatney3

30. “A rumbling stomach from coffee prior to round.” — @nataliehenrie

29. “After walking in a player’s line. Losing a ball you know you saw land. Carrying a double and turning your ankle just enough to hobble you for the rest of the round.” — @cookerguy

28. “Drop the bag during the downswing.” — @TomMitc07680722

27. “Not checking clubs at the end of a round and your guy’s favorite wedge takes a European vacation.” — @tommysoxx

26. “Double tour bags with cheap, bad golfers who are 20s but think they are 2s!” — @MarkmanBorn1972

25. “Not having any work next week.” — @crmanna

24. “Caddied for sitting U.S. Senator who had really heavy bag. At the turn discovered two extra pairs is shoes in side pocket. ‘Sir are you going to wear these on the back nine?’” — @jbags68

23. “Leaving the club your pro needs on the 16th tee @TPCDeereRun during the @JDCLASSIC after you accidently left it back near the bunker on 14.” — @finsupgolfer

22. “No loop!” — @TC4Ireland

21. “Walking to forecaddie and then walking back to a duffed tee shot.” — @EDJ_mkt

20. “When you give a positive read, and your player asks another caddie their opinion. That caddie agrees with you, and the player goes with their own eye, and you watch as the putt goes right where you said it would as they miss it” — @RaizedByNerdz

19. “When your man is leading by four at the turn and you realize there are 15 clubs in the bag.” — @ron_dickie

18. “That’s our last ball.” — @sg68136945

17. “Costing your player a shot with either a bad yardage or bad read.” — @derbycaddy

16. “Raining and out of towels.” — @wren_lum

15. “Either 15 clubs or not enough balls!” — @glenwhitlock

14. “Your player has iron covers.” — @RonLewand

13. “When your shorts won’t stay up under your suit.” — @Colton_Strode

12. “Food poisoning.” — @piltzy68

11. “Having given a wrong yardage.” — @2shots70

10. “When your rangefinder dies carrying a double.” — @JKiebs_5

9. “Guy says, ‘man I made 7 birdies and an eagle today!’ And you get no juice.” — @dirtydeed1984

8. “Being asked… ‘do you have change for a $20?’” — @kvenezio

7. “Being hungover or accidentally picking up a player’s ball that’s in play (may or may not happened to me).” — @hobbit0915

6. “We aren’t making the cut and I’ve got a long drive home.” — @thunt4uk

5. “7-10 split on every hole. August. Hungover and you have another loop in the afternoon.” — @drleemeyers

4. “Getting stiffed.” — @tcrozier30

3. “Lose a golf ball.” — @GuruOfGanja

2. “Running out of Gold Bond.” — @ForeBizServices

1. “Swamp ass.” — @govolx


  1. The other caddy in my group in final round of U.S. open, forgot to get pin sheet before round. Had 1 delivered on 2nd tee.

  2. Traffic so bad on hwy go away from course…boot it on local side hwy….get there his girlfriend about to be bibbed had 15 minutes to spare….for 60 mile drive left 2 1/2 hrs early!

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