My favorite major to watch is ______, because ________.

Tiger Woods, Joe LaCava
Pretty safe to say the Masters is the preferred major of our @CaddieNetwork followers and it isn’t even close. Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

It’s never too soon to start dreaming about the majors.

They’re the most significant, most exciting, most fun events to watch in all of golf.

But of the big four: The Masters, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and the British Open, which is your favorite to watch (there are certainly others in the ladies and amateur game, as well)?

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Since the first major of 2020 – the Masters – is seven months away, we figured now was as good a time as any to ask our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers to fill in the blanks to this sentence:

“My favorite major to watch is ______, because ________.”

Here’s a collection of our favorite answers…

“The Masters, because I know every hole.” — @vedderkj

“Masters, because Augusta.” — @kurush_heerjee

Fine tournament, the Safeway Open is, but LOL at that comment.

“Masters because of tradition.” — @wesleyhelton

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“Evian because of the beautiful track.” — @TheSideNotes

“@TheOpen because of the courses and traditions.” — @goCVoorhees

“The Open Championship because it’s the most prestigious, been around the longest, has the best history, the hardest test of golf.” — @MarkThompsons

“The Open Championship because it’s got a history that the others would kill for.” — @meolscop1978

“The Masters because the Masters. And Verne.” — @JDubyah67

“The Open, it’s the one.” — @ammacgregor_a

“The Open because that’s the way the game should be played.” — @a_fitz13

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“The Open because of the links and historical golf courses.” — @phil90614654

“Masters because it’s still cold in Chicago and I can see what Spring weather looks like.” — @ChicagoObserver

“Augusta because it means golf season is really here.” — @DaddyRoach

“Masters, it’s one of the greatest sporting events around.” — @JMckim33

“The Masters. Because we are familiar with every hole and every pin placement. It makes it fun to know what the players are facing as they make the turn on Sunday.” — @andywhitten

“The Open Championship because of the history, unpredictability and beauty.” — @AnnouncerRant

“The U.S. Open. I’m the only one that can schedule something on Father’s Day.” — @grabelnyc


“#masters because the whole country recognizes the week as a holiday, and you are excused from responsibility.” — @tjenningsRE

“The U.S. Junior Amateur, because they are the future.” — @leezer99

“Living in the north, it’s the Masters for me. It gets me ready for spring and the start of my golf season.” — @von1150

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“The Masters!! The start to the golf season for us northerners. Beautiful, classic venue. Back nine on Sunday is the best – opportunities for eagles, birdies but also disasters.” — @brannflakesmn

“U.S. Open. It’s the toughest test and has some of the most interesting courses.” — @stanshipley2

“The Masters. Always brings out the best players. Masters Sunday is the best day of the year.” — @TWfan19

“The Open because the players have to play all of their shots that they know.” — @acooli2012

“U.S. Open / Father’s Day.” — @lowkey_253

“The Open. Bloody Mary’s at 5am.” — @AustinAlaniz

“U.S. Open… it’s got to be one of the two opens, and I’m going with where I’m from.” — @scottakruh

“The Masters. It was something my late father and I would watch together when I was growing up. He said he always wanted to see Augusta in person and I was able to make that happen prior to his passing. The Masters is just special on so many levels.” — @hokieheel2

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