If you could change ONE thing in golf for 2020, what would it be and why?

Stacy Lewis
Among the things you would like to see changed in golf in 2020: Having to hit a ball out of an old divot in the fairway. Credit: Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re just like us: you absolutely love the game of golf and just about everything a that comes with it.

But just like anything in life, we all have our thoughts on little things (or even big things) that could be done to make the game more enjoyable for the masses, whether it’s lessening how harsh some of the penalties can be, having to hit out of an old divot from the fairway, or anything else you can think up.

With that in mind, we asked our Caddie Network social media following to answer the following question: If you could change ONE thing in golf for 2020, what would it be and why?

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And, boy oh boy, do you folks have some things you’d like to change!

After sifting through dozens of your answers, here’s a look at our favorite responses.

“Open up Augusta National one week a year to a lottery system. A set amount of tee times, you get to bring one guest. You’re paired with two other people. Once you play, your name is taken out of the pool forever. Everyone gets a shot to play it one time!” — @TGolfer83

And to piggyback on that first answer, this terrific suggestion…

“Yep. Charge $10 a lotto ticket and donate it to charity. The big famous clubs could raise millions for charity every year and make a bunch of golfers dreams come true.” — @BobLoblawtx

“20-pound limit on bags.” — @ChoiceSelection

“Locally — stop playing the back tees, you occasional golfers. Go make two pars a round from the white tees and have a bright spot. Professionally — “Golf Channel 2” during the main season to show full round replays later at night.” — @BairdyC72

“Time clock — Pace of play.” — @SqwareState

“Would change the rule about signing an incorrect card gets you the gate. It’s stupid to make those guys accountable given the number of people following each group.” — @kehrk12

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“More promotion for par-3 courses would be nice.” — @GhostPandaColin

“Fewer commercials during major tournament broadcasts.” — @catheconnors

“Properly punish slow play.” — @Don_LB

“No OB, all lateral.” — @MarkmanBorn1972

“Ball in fairway divot, free drop.” — @RRPirate5

“Pace of play. Need more penalty strokes for repeat offenders. DJ and Brooks are great examples of playing ready golf, the 5.5-hour rounds in TV are unbearable.” — @evanaitkens

“I feel ready golf slows the game. How about just be ready to play when you’re away? Beats everyone wondering if they can hit.” — @rarebacpar

“Caddie rates.” — @LouLoomisOGC

“Make the pros play with wooden drivers, to truly see the best of the best golfers. @TheMasters could make this happen.” — @SSFII

“PGA pros and caddies can use rangefinders.” — @dnelson_0668

“Pulling the pin when on the green.” — @rya526

“Have players look happier and interact more with kids!” — @tarheelsouth

“Have the @PGATOUR start making it a premium to hit fairways by growing the rough taller and thicker subsequently trying to eliminate the 20-under-par winner. Would like to see -10 after 4 rounds be average winner.” — @Kbzee21

“Mic the guys up!” — @robert_curran3

“Make the U.S. Open hard again.” — @kmdut

“Remove Any possible penalty for anything having to do with a scorecard. Everyone knows what the score is.” — @DaddyRoach

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“Get people out of golf carts.” — @ryanretterath13

“Have more match-play events.” — @rman_1974

“Roll the ball back. Most amateurs would never see the difference and we’d see better courses being played by the pros.” — @TimSchisler

“How serious people take it… you ain’t on tour, this putt doesn’t mean much, GET OVER YOURSELF!!” — @jpb1118

“Quit my day job and caddie full time.” — Michael McLaughlin

“Allow to move a ball out of a divot before next shot. The player hitting shot did not create the damage to the course but is penalized for another player not repairing course for next player to have same or similar playing conditions. Especially if a tournament.” — MJ Baus

“Changing the drop rule back to the way it was!” — Sean Kucera

“Removing mud from a ball.” — Ryan Rue

“More conversation with caddies.” — Tim Schnorenberg

“25% refund if you play under 3.5 hours.” — Debbie Dahmer


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