Here’s what it’s like for a caddie to take on a new bag on the PGA Tour

Arriving at the first tee

“If you work for the same guy for one, two, or five years and he’s always getting to the tee right when the other group leaves, you have a timeframe in your head, your body clock, knows how much time you have to get your bib, to collect your pin sheets, rule sheets, fluids and snacks,” the veteran caddie said.

“Now you work for a new guy and he gets to the tee three minutes before he tees off. But you’ve still got to get everything.”

For Farnell, it’s a matter of problem-solving in these situations because you still have to retrieve these essentials.

“Get the pin sheets before you start the warm up, get the waters on the range and get the fruit or a sandwich beforehand so when you get to that first tee you’re ready,” he said. “The last thing you want to do is say, ‘hey, I’ll meet you on the tee’ and then they’re late. So, you want to walk with them to the tee to ensure they get there on time.”


  1. I’ve Caddied at the club level for years, the statements and advice above holds true for the Amateur level as well. The difference being, we need to analyze our player(s), read them and make adjustments in the first few holes. Our livelihood depends on it:)


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