Here’s what it’s like for a caddie to take on a new bag on the PGA Tour

Other player preferences

“Some players like to have their grips cleaned before every round, some players like to just have them wiped off, some players don’t like you to touch their grips at all,” Walker said. “Those are things that you kind of have to ask about or learn through the process.”

Another player preference is how many golf balls they like to use on the practice green.

“Some guys, when they go to putt before a tournament round, only want one ball, others want three or two,” said a 25-year veteran Tour caddie, who wished to remain anonymous. “They all want something different. And sometimes that changes and they want to putt with three balls mostly, but only putt with one ball before their tournament round.”

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The veteran looper says this isn’t hard to overcome as a caddie, it’s just something you need to become aware of and adapt to quickly.

Many players are distracted by shadows. Landry hates them, Walker says. After topping a shot in a Korn Ferry event in Wichita because of a shadow cast from a fan, Landry and — his looper of nearly three years — Walker have become extra careful with them.

“He doesn’t like me to stand so close with my shadow, I’ve learned to be very careful with other players and caddies too when we’re playing a tournament, be aware of where their shadows are being cast,” Walker said. “Sometimes I’ll have to ask them to move to the other side of the tee or something.”


  1. I’ve Caddied at the club level for years, the statements and advice above holds true for the Amateur level as well. The difference being, we need to analyze our player(s), read them and make adjustments in the first few holes. Our livelihood depends on it:)


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