‘Happy Hour’ podcast archive

The ‘Happy Hour’ podcast is just one part of The Caddie Network’s joint effort with the APTC (Association of Professional Tour Caddies) to bring you the great caddie perspective and incredible storytelling by those closest to the action – the caddies.

Each week will feature new guests on this caddies-only podcast. Miss an episode? Click any of the links below to catch up.

All Caddie Network podcasts are available on Apple Podcast and Spotify using the search, “Caddie Network.”

6/18/20: Episode 11 with Damian Lopez, Brad Swearingen and Chad Antus

6/11/20: Episode 10 with Damian Lopez, Scott Sajtinac, Joe Duplantis and the Bethpage Boys

6/4/20: Episode 9 with Damian Lopez, Scott Sajtinac and Jeff Willett

5/26/20: Episode 8 with Damian Lopez, Jordan Guilford and Dave Pelekoudas

5/21/20: Episode 7 with Damian Lopez, Brian Vranesh and Jon Turcott

5/14/20: Episode 6 with Kelley James, Brett Waldman and Wayne Birch Jr.

5/7/20: Episode 5 with Damian Lopez, Brent Everson and Jeff Willett

4/30/20: Episode 4 with Aaron Flener and musician/pro golfer Joe Horowitz

4/23/20: Episode 3 with Kurt Kowaluk, Michael Bestor, Scott Sajtinac and Mark Urbanek

4/17/20: Episode 2 with Damian Lopez, Jeff Willett and Brian Reed

4/10/20: Episode 1 with Geno Bonnalie, Aaron Flener and Dale Vallely

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