Caddie Confidential: Are caddies for or against player feuds in golf?

For some time now, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau have been locked in on an entertaining feud. Credit: Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the seventh installment of our “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. Up this month: we tackle the “player feuds” and whether or not they’re good for the game.

In life, you’re bound to stumble upon people you just don’t like.

For some, that means staying away from said person as much as possible. For others, it means there could be some triggers to get under that person’s skin. Is that mature? Probably not. Is it right? Also, probably not.

But is it fun for those looking on? Hell yes, it is!

In the age of social media, those on the outside are getting a much closer look at feuds … and in golf right now, we have this ongoing feud between major champions Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

We polled nearly four dozen PGA Tour caddies to get their opinion on a variety of questions related to player feuds, promising them anonymity in an effort to get their most honest answers. Let’s dive in to what they told us.

Player feuds in golf: Heck yeah or no thank you?

  • 69.6% of caddies said, “Heck yeah”
  • 30.4% of caddies said, “No thank you”

What is it about player feuds that the caddies we polled liked and did not like?

One caddie who’s all for player feuds told us: “I feel a little drama creates excitement among the fans and media. Even the players and caddies seem to enjoy a little drama from time to time. It takes their mind off the daily grind. I feel it just needs to be a genuine conflict instead of this petty stuff (think of Seve/Azinger at the Ryder Cup).”

A caddie who is against the player feuds told us: “Bullying sets a bad example for children.”

Why are you for or against player feuds?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

It’s golf. We are different. Let’s embrace that.

Players have always not gotten along, but in today’s age, it’s a public spectacle. It’s a bit childish, but how can you expect 200 plus players to all be friends?!

I think it’s incredibly entertaining and I am here for it!

That’s life! We all have different opinions and have “feuds” with people. If there were no feuds, we’d have a Tour full of fake people.

You don’t have to like everyone.

Some players need to be told how badly they behave.

It’s just typical disagreements between people that spend too much time together.

I’m for it because I think it creates interest.

This is a gentlemen’s game and feuds are media driven … no need for that.

I don’t think it is needed in the sport. I don’t mind a little jabbing here and there but no need to get carried away. Let your game do that talking.

It creates interest in the sport. People love a good rivalry.

Any publicity is good publicity.

Because this is not important, PGA Tour golf should be about honor, respect and sportsmanship.

I think it’s fun to watch and adds fans.

It takes away from the sport and brings too much animosity.

Good marketing for golf.

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