Caddie Stories: From Dubai to South America and, eventually, to the PGA Tour

Jeff Johnson
Jan 27, 2017; La Jolla, CA, USA; Tyrone Van Aswegen (right) and caddie Jeff Johnson (left) have been a team for the last eight years. Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

We all know the path to the PGA Tour isn’t an easy one for the players.

But what about caddies?

As we learned in a recent interview with Jeff Johnson, sometimes landing a PGA Tour bag can take you all over the world.

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Prior to his career as a caddie, Johnson worked outside of golf in Dubai. When he had enough of life in the Middle East, he returned home to the U.S. and tried to find a job as a PGA Tour caddie in California. It was there that he received some great advice from veteran caddie Damian Lopez, who urged Johnson — if he had the time and the funds — to head to South America for a bag.

That’s what Johnson did. And, for the last eight years, he has been the right-hand man for PGA Tour player Tyrone van Aswegen of South Africa.

Here is Johnson’s story:


  1. Twenty plus years ago Jeff told me his dream was to be a caddie on tour. One day he up and made it happen. Truly inspirational.

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