Caddie Stories: Caddie error nearly spelled ‘missed cut’ for Mark Wilson… instead, it led to first PGA Tour win

Chris Jones, Mark Wilson
In 2007, caddie Chris Jones made a mistake that he thought would cost him his job. Instead, his boss at the time, Mark Wilson, went on to win that week.

Back in 2007, Mark Wilson was working his tail off to try and make the cut at the Honda Classic.

Wilson’s caddie at the time, Chris “Crispy” Jones, overheard a conversation between a fellow competitor and caddie in their group, trying to figure out what club Wilson hit.

Jones proceeded to blurt out the degree of loft on the club that Wilson hit – to everyone’s surprise.

That’s a big no-no. It’s a breach of Rule 8-1, which stats that you can’t give or ask for advice from anyone other than a partner or caddie.

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Jones couldn’t believe he did it. Ultimately, Wilson called a two-shot penalty on himself.

“If he misses the cut, I’m probably fired,” Jones thought.

Instead, Wilson not only made the cut, but went on to win for the first time in his PGA Tour career that week.

Talk about karma.

Here, Jones tells the full story.


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