Caddie Lessons: Where — and where not — to stand when a player is putting

Kenny Harms, Michael Collins
Kenny Harms, left, and Michael Collins explain where you should and should not stand when someone is putting.

“What is this dude doing?”

We’ve all had that thought while standing over a putt and a playing partner walks in your through-line, behind you, in front of you, to the side of you, etc.

It’s basic etiquette to pretty much make yourself invisible when someone is putting. But, not everyone knows that.

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America’s Caddie, Michael Collins, recently caught up with Kenny Harms (Kevin Na’s caddie) to get to the bottom of where and where not to stand when someone is putting.

As usual, Michael and Kenny put their own humorous spin on a situation that can be far from funny on the course.

Watch and learn.

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