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Caddie Confidential: What is different about practice sessions – if anything – ahead of the Masters?

The view through a cutout at the practice range at Augusta National. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the third installment of our 2022 “Caddie Confidential” series, with monthly, inside-the-ropes perspective from dozens of Tour caddies on rotating golf topics. In this edition, caddies share what makes practice sessions ahead of the Masters different.

Every year there is one tournament that stands out above the rest. It just so happens that it always falls on the first full week of April.

Because the Masters is so special, it can have an effect on the way players practice in the weeks leading up to the tournament.

In this March 2022 edition of Caddie Confidential, we polled two dozen caddies to hear how practice sessions for the Masters differ from other tournaments.

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While some caddies said nothing at all, others were sure to point out the differences.

“More short game,” one caddie said.

“Hitting draws,” said another.

Here’s a look at more responses from our caddies, who we promised anonymity in an effort to get their most honest answers.

What is different about practice sessions – if anything – ahead of the Masters?

Check out this selection of responses from caddies:

Not much at all. He sticks to a routine no matter what event is coming.

I think guys are just sharpening their tools leading up to it. I don’t know that a whole lot changes when it comes to their practice routine.

Picture a few tee shots and practice them.

Lots of chipping and drawing the driver.

Guys feel the need to do things differently around majors. I don’t understand why. If you are competing in a tournament no matter how much weight it carries the prep should be the same.

They turn into complete idiots.

Maybe more time spent on/around the greens.

I think players set goals with their coaching team to get everything primed for the majors.

Nothing in my opinion.

Nothing in particular.

Lag putting.

Chipping session gets longer.

We start hitting a lot more fade drivers off the tee.

More focus on short game.

Lots more work on short game and putting.

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