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2021 Caddie Confidential series archive

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Throughout 2021, The Caddie Network will be running a monthly series called, “Caddie Confidential,” where we will survey dozens of caddies on the PGA Tour to tackle hot-button issues in golf with everything from a Tour with and without fans to gambling and a whole lot more. In these monthly surveys, we allow the caddies to answer anonymously in an effort to draw out their most honest responses.

Have you missed any of our series? Here’s a chronological look at the topics we’ve already covered:

JANUARY 2021: A PGA Tour with — and without — fans


FEBRUARY 2021: Insights from caddies for and against gambling on the PGA Tour


MARCH 2021: Cheating on the PGA Tour


APRIL 2021: All things The Masters Tournament


MAY 2021: Slow play on the PGA Tour


JUNE 2021: The issue (or not) of distance on the PGA Tour


JULY 2021: Player feuds in golf


AUGUST 2021: Player/caddie relationships and firings


SEPTEMBER 2021: All things Ryder Cup


OCTOBER 2021: Surprises, best major, end of season awards


NOVEMBER 2021: Highlights, lowlights, overrated and underrated


DECEMBER 2021: A look ahead to 2022 and more

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