Caddie School 101: Reading a yardage book

Kenny Harms, longtime caddie for Kevin Na, opens up his yardage book to show you how to decipher all the incredible detail. Credit: Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The detail in a PGA Tour yardage book is incredible. There’s so much information that it can be overwhelming.

Kenny Harms, longtime caddie for Kevin Na, gives you a close-up look at his yardage book from the 2020 Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta to explain all the intricacies and to show you the notes that he takes.



  1. I know the yardage guides are full of information which I find fascinating and intriguing when I watch the Tour on TV with imaging what it is like being in their shoes with the factors you have to think about before your shot like the wind, elevation change, etc.
    Thank you to TJ for writing the article and to Kenny for his support of TCN and for sharing the video as well.

  2. Tex, a caddy on the LPGA in yrs past and a pretty good golfer himself. Told me how all those pages and all that info can turn into a blizzard in front of your eyes. You can be on the wrong page, the wrong hole, the wrong sprinkler head, no sprinkler head to be found, its as if the pages all turned white like a blizzard, you’re lost in a storm.

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