Caddies recall false alarm ‘missile alert’ during 2018 Sony Open

Joe Etter
Caddie Joe Etter, left, with Patton Kizzire. Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

From Joe Etter, caddie for 2018 Sony Open Champion Patton Kizzire:

That was an interesting weekend to say the least. Funny thing about my experience though…  I slept through it! 

I had my phone on a charger across the room at my hotel in Waikiki. We had a later tee time, so I knew I wouldn’t need an alarm. New Guy (Ryan Rue) was in the bathroom doing his business when it came over and never said anything.

I walked over to my phone around 8:30 a.m. and saw both the incoming missile message and the false alarm message basically simultaneously. I remember thinking to myself, “Man that’s a big mess up, I bet people have been freaking out!”

Ha. Totally oblivious.   

I know Patton was freaking out and had a weird morning with all that going on. My experience was that of blissful unawareness. We hit our first tee shot OB right on Saturday, but played the rest of the round in 8 under. We got that out of our system and he was able to refocus on the golf.

Good times.

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