31 golf thoughts that keep you up at night

Whether it’s missed short putts, the flight of tee shots — and anything in between — there’s a lot of stuff that keeps golfers up at night. Credit: Dennis Schneidler-USA TODAY Sports

No matter what level of ability you possess when it comes to the game of golf, if you take it even semi-serious, there are no doubt certain shots/scenarios that keep you up at night.

We recently polled our @CaddieNetwork Twitter following to find exactly what kinds of golf thoughts are the ones that have you tossing and turning.

Here’s what we learned.

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31. “The entire left side of any golf course.” — @TravisDevlin

Love this caddie response to Kevin’s golf nightmare, too…

30. “Will I roll one off the first tee? Will I embarrass myself in front of my playing partners? Will I shank one OB when I need a hole in a Match? Yes, I’m a basket case. But I love it.” — @SqwareState

29. “Why my chipping is trash no matter how much I practice.” — @tmarkey11

28.“Will I ever make a hole-in-one?” — @green_hitter

27. “Low hooks with my driver.” — @ckeeley13

26. “All of it.” — @miketbroderick

25. “How to avoid going left.” — @jmandel99

24. “My push pull hook fade. Oh, that’s kinda straight, maybe?” — @GordonRitter5

23. “I take golf seriously, but nothing in golf is so serious compared to the rest of my life to keep me up at night. Instead, when I can’t sleep for other reasons, my love for the game helps me fall asleep by picturing myself play through my next round shot by shot. #mentalgame” — @ParadiseGrows

22. “Mostly, ‘what has happened?’” — @ChrisPhxBiz

21. “Dumping the wedge shot into the water on our 18th green. Flips all the bets. I pay up.” — @onceacaddy

20. “Why can’t I make that 5-footer for birdie, but I can slam it in for par or bogey!” — @golferguy1202

19. “Shot 82 yesterday with 41 putts. Swear on my kids I counted them all. Nightmares about my putting stroke!” — @KenPeet1

18. “The double miss.” — @OcStagger

17. “Sweet Jesus I can’t putt.” — @Jmikecpa

16. “Reliving chips absolutely screaming across the greens.” — @SmartDebtSrvcs

15. “Will I mess up a great opportunity?” — @HockeyRube68

14. “Snap hooks off the tee.” — @MarcGolden44

13. “Having 75 yards left after tee shot from the fairway and making bogey #3putt.” — @jgilbert972

12. “Chipping yips.” — @Jacktheswan

11. “Will my back hold up. Lol.” — @hobbit0915

10. “Just being excited about getting out to play.” — @jrmsbl74

9. “That three-putt after driving the short par 4.” — @alwilly13

8. “8-10-foot putt opportunities.” — @MarkKubiak1

7. “Seriously how did you hit the ball so bad?” — @dirtydeed1984

6. “Why I can’t hit a freaking iron for the life of me.” — @BucWillie250

5. “Shanking it when a group lets me play through.” — @MarkAUTvols

4. “Not being on time for a tee time and I’ve never been late. Been a struggle at times, but always answered the bell.” — @Skroutyboy

3. “Why I just can’t get putts to fall. Have tons of birdie putts from say 10-40 feet and just can’t get a few to fall.” — @tddpeterson

2. “Missing the short ones. I feel like there’s such a huge disparity between my tee to green game and my putting.” — @jjrrugg

1. “As good as whatever round I just played was, all I think about were the shots I left on the course. A 90 should have been an 86… my 84 could have been a 79, and on and on…” — @Aroma_BeanAs

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