18 things in golf you’re most thankful for

Tiger Woods, Joe LaCava
More than one of our followers said “Tiger Woods” is who/what they’re most thankful for in golf. Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Early last week, we had a piece on the 10 things for which all caddies are most thankful.

On Thanksgiving Day, we asked our Caddie Network Twitter followers to tell us about the things in golf they’re most thankful for.

After sifting through all the great responses, here’s a collection of our 18 favorite answers…

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“My Tuesday golf group, playing in a couples league with my better half (she talked me into it), countless people I’ve met from around the world through golf.” — @derbycaddy

“I’m thankful I found the game when I came home from Iraq…might be a different story if I didn’t get so crazy into this game…it’s taken me to some amazing places and I can honesty say it saved my life! I’m thankful for this crazy, hectic, amazingly, awesome game we play!” — @TGolfer83

“My 7 wood. From 180 it’s $.” — @KenPeet1

“Growing up and playing this great game with my father. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.” — @bill_nusser

“God’s country. Camaraderie. Exercise; physical and intellectual.” — @vangolfinc

“@machugh35, @kevquinn9, @squinn02 thankful for golf buddies, the cup, the belt and early tee times at Acres.” — @iankwhite77

“Being able to play. I’m a blind/vision impaired golfer.” — @blindgolfchaz

“Lifelong game! …..and handicaps.” — @SkipperOfTheWay

“1. That I don’t have to rely on making a living at it.
That’s all I got…” — @CFBTigers

“Being able to caddie on major tours around the world, but more importantly playing golf with my dad.” — @AlexRWilliams96

“Playing with my son.” — @GolfWriterKiel

“Sharing the game with family and friends.  I grew up hanging around my dad’s course.” — @GGolfpro

 “Tiger Woods.” — @whitetiger007tp

“#1… I’m still playing… #2-100… ditto.” — @CarsleyGolf

“That’s easy.  In Piedmont, N.C. we play excellent golf courses for less than 30 bucks.” — @DaddyRoach

“All the folks I’ve meet along the way. Developed some great friends.” — @mikegravley61

“Getting to witness Tiger Woods.” — @HoustonNoProb1

“At age 67 after being mediocre at best for 5 decades, my game is best ever in my life. Amazing! And to still have passion for game! Double amazing!” — @ccschreiner


  1. all the great golf writers. a lifetime of players, courses, travels, games, clubs, putters
    practice, learning, one round companions. gambling, 19th holes and best of all
    brother and son foursomes.

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