Worst things you can hear from your caddie in 5 words or less…

Joel Dahmen and caddie Geno Bonnalie always seem to be having fun on the golf course. Surely there are some great lines between these two on a daily basis. Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Just for fun, we asked our followers in @CaddieNetwork Twitter land to share with us “the worst things you can hear from your caddie in 5 words or less.”

Apparently, this topic hit a chord! We received hundreds of great answers, including some from PGA Tour caddies, LPGA players, a Masters champion and more.

Here’s a compilation of our favorites.

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Here we go…

“Not sure what’s over there.” — @BGMull

“Stop being a headcase.” — @DrewCarr_

“You’d better hit a provisional.” — @TrevorImmelman (yes, THAT Trevor Immelman – the 2008 Masters Champion)

“You’ve played before?” — @Whiskey_Pines

“’I touched the sand’ (too soon?)” — @amandagolf59

“Take your time on that.” — @Bryceledford

“’For the provisional’ ….as he tosses you an extra ball as you walk up to the tee.” — @SJgolfer

“Your wife needs you home!” — @AroundClowning

“We are out of balls.” — @hannahbggg


“Dude, your swing sucks.” — @GolfTravelerJoe

“This is fun for you?” — @jclarke2120

“Don’t hit it there.” — @Kendall_Dye

“That was 175 not 157 oops!” — @jamo116

“Beer cart has a flat.” — @BamaBelleCHS

“You can get that there?” — @LiciousLounge

“You can carry this.” — @woodrow_73

“Naked under coveralls.” — @CHI2COL

“Better hit another one.” — @BenTaylor_88

“It does not open up.” — @TGolfer83

“Yep, another damn three putt.” — @4a_of

“You have 15 clubs still?” — @Evan__Gale

“Your tip is not sufficient.” — @tkcaddie

“Have you got a spare?” — @tincup65

“Fulty saying, ‘I want to break something.’ Caddie: ‘How about breaking par?’” — @LennyHartlage

“Caddie, ‘Will I get there with a 7 iron?’ ‘Yes sir, eventually.’” — @TheMedium_Easy

“’Oh Lord, we’ve killed someone.’ True story, North Berwick 1996.” — @RetiredTN_TMan

“I could make that shot.” — @BrannonBesse

“Sorry, I didn’t see it.” — @CastanoDan

“I bet on your opponent.” — @GolfTilDeath

“That tree isn’t in play.” — @mclayton1970

“You rake, I’ll find it.” — @musingmanAG

“Dude I lost your putter.” — @Kr4zyD


“It’s outta bounds.” — @AngryYankee1

“Towel? The towel is gone.” — @CadillacsHair

“You’re still away!” — @peter_pettit

“Hit whatever, it doesn’t matter.” — @EnsGDT

“Told you so.” — @bradleysweigel

“Never seen that happen before.” — @mcgowan27

“You don’t got this shot.” — @LewRosa3

“You should’ve listened to me.” — @kerlllllll

“Thought about taking up tennis?” — @1GR8Putt

“That’s dead! Hit another one.” — @WaskieM3

“I think you should drink.” — @michael28683803

“Call 911.  He’s probably dead.” — @GreenbbsERdo

“At least you tried it.” — @swang111

“I’m not walking over there.” — @kevin_demsky

“We can watch football Sunday.” — @the______1

“Take this, just in case.” — @GeoffArtis

“Just hit the damn ball.” — @mikebdisupe

“I was watching the water.” — @PMV87276439

For reference:


“That’s 3 minutes up boss.” — @GusTheCaddie88

“It could do that too.” — @40forty

“You’re gonna need to reload.” — @DRose62

“You missed your tee time.” — @Djcarter78

“Flights booked for Friday night.” — @pooley57

“Say hi to the snakes.” — @derbycaddy

“Take two clubs more dude.” — @Lilgolfjock

“That? That’s in the gorse.” — @jshorns03

“I’m not looking for it.” — @chipslaughter

“Nobody has hit it there.” — @MarkGodich

“That’s good for you.” — @swang111

“I’ve never seen that before.” — @FredWW4

“That’s not your golf ball!” — @Joe90mclellan

“Where’s that been all day?” — @govolx

“Just hit it and hope.” — @Debitcash29

“Told you… long is dead.” — @CoreyWahoo

“OB left, water right.” — @TwoDownAutos


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