Which golf resort has provided the best caddie experience you’ve ever had and what made it so special?

Twitter user @johnfess loved his experience with caddies at Western Gailes.

Across the world, everyone has their favorite golf resorts. But something that adds to the experience and makes it so special are the caddies.

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We asked the TCN Twitter fan base which golf resort has provided the best caddie experience they’ve ever had and what made it so special. Here are our 15 favorite responses. You can click here to follow – or add – to the thread.

15. “#1 Spanish Bay, #2 Pebble, and #3 Olympic Club! I live in Santa Cruz, so I’ve played each before, but visiting friends demanded caddies. My caddies figured me out right quick. They said it, I did it, but at Spanish Bay, it was a personal best day there, thinking optional!” — @GGPSmith

14. “Pine Valley. I’ve been twice, by coincidence got Randy both times. I holed eagle shot from 220 on 15 on the first visit, so he remembered me two years later. Like we were old friends. Can’t wait to get him again!” — @daviddooley10

13. “The Old Course at St. Andrews. Have only played it once, got myself a Golf Medal caddy, he was absolutely brilliant. Clubbed me from the first, gave me every line, and read putts. He knew every blade of grass on the place.” — @leftienige

12. “Not even close. @BandonDunesGolf Danny Clayton! Great personality, complete professional, figured out my game within a few holes. Had a great overall experience. Oh…helped me break 80 shooting 79 at Pacific Dunes. Which is rare!” –@Boilerfjs

11. “Bandon. Knowledgeable beyond imagination and golf is in their soul!! NOTHING pleases them more than to get their man around in the best possible score…funny, dedicated, hard-working, prompt and brutally efficient!” –@MM3PGA


9. “Not a resort, but Lain Buchan at @Crudenbaygolf. Cruden Bay was fun, smart, accommodating, and full of good stories. And the course is just so fun.” — @Riolikesgolf

8. “Pinehurst #2. The guy knew my game after two shots. It saved me a ton of shots on a tricky track.” — @KidFancE

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7. “Lahinch Golf Club.  My man Peter had been a caddy there for 65 years. Incredible day literally with the history of the club on my bag.” — @scottnieman9

6. “Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes. My bot Billy McNaught on our bags with my Father.  I was so proud and he was so proud.  Billy killed it for my old man!  No idea how important that is for me today.  Much love.” –@jimmie1066


4. “Pebble caddie was tops! He works the AT&T and knew every break of the greens, aiming spots, great stories and got me around in 74. Caddie at Spyglass works there every day and was wonderfully informative and personable.” –@drbstr59

3. “Turnberry & Estoril. Both times the caddy had my yardage after one hole. I didn’t look at what club I was given thereafter. I was handed the club and just hit it. Fabulous experience, the caddy in Estoril had no English and caddied for 45 years.” –@Poxyeagle

2. “I have been very lucky and played Augusta National, Pine Valley, Cypress Point, Bandon and almost every top course in the UK. But the best caddies I’ve ever had are at the El Cid in Mazatlan, Mexico. The top caddies there are so special. Caddie master Sergio Ruiz will look after you.” –@Cub99

1. “Pebble/Spyglass. Got Sticks (caddy) both days. Super knowledgeable. Great stories. The staff throughout the stay was very helpful as well. There’s a reason they are consistently at the top of most lists year in and year out.” –@1andyho


  1. I find it hard to believe that there was mention of caddie program at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

  2. Just finished 4 days at Sand Valley with my 2 sons. The caddy program is very strong there with great pedigree (Bandon)
    Thorn caddied for me 2 days and was the best I’ve ever had. Pebble and Spyglass are surely excellent but Thorn learned my game, gave the right lines and club selections and was a great putt reader.

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