What’s the oldest golf club in your bag and why haven’t you replaced it?

Credit: Will Porada

Everyone loves holding on to something special. That couldn’t be more true when it comes to a golfer and their favorite club.

Whether it has a personal story behind it or just always finds the fairway, golfers usually have a club in their bag that’s significantly older than the rest.

We wanted to hear what kind of clubs our TCN Twitter followers were holding on to, so we asked them in a poll, “What’s the oldest club in your bag and why haven’t you replaced yet?” Here were our 75 favorite responses.

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75. “@TaylorMadeGolf RACs from 2005! When I got out of the Army, the only way I could afford to drive home was to sell my golf clubs…A few years ago I saw the exact set (same shafts and everything!) So I bought them just to have the set at first, and now they’re back in the bag!” – @TGolfer83

74. “My dad passed away 14 years ago and he had a custom Bettinardi made about a year before. Still use as it every round.” – @Gleaseman2

73. “Bought a Ping Anser in 1985 for $39.95 @HagginOaks. I’ve looked at new $500 custom weighted and balanced gold titanium putters with specialized grooves or inserts. But then I realized they’re all pretty much Ping Ansers.” – @Johnwould


71. “I have a 60-degree wedge from 1990 or so.” – @zacgamburg

70. “1990’s Scotty Newport.” – @ThumbLad


68. “Sonartec 3W.  I’ll probably be buried with it.” – @BPAlexander3

67. “PING ZING 2 ….7 Wood …regripped 7 times . 1998 model.” – @ShaggyConnolly

66. “Wilson JPII pitching wedge & sand wedge.  From early 80s.  Nothing better for my game has been made since.” – @BillShamleffer

65. “Taylor Made RB 4 hybrid. Sweetest club in my bag, at least 10 years old.” – @billburleson


63. “Putter because it’s the mechanic not the wrench.” – @leftelvis

62. “Ping Anser II Putter, been using it for the last 35 yrs, still holing out putts.” – @blazercardinal

61. “Love my early 1990s Spalding Irons..every year I consider replacing them..but they are so good.” – @BGG_Hornet

60. “12 degree R9 3 wood. Got my thumb imprinted in the grip. If driver ever goes south (usually does), switch to this.” – @joshmil96632077


58. “My irons are from 1991 – graduation gift. I did not play much golf for many years. The last 3 years have played 20 plus rounds. Thinking of replacing them before spring.” – @smellmydairyair

57. “I just replaced my 20-year-old putter.” – @MeAwesomeguy

56. “Ping Eye2 black dots, 2-PW, all 30ish yrs old. I long since realized it’s the Indian, not the bow/arrow.” – @cowboys_cubs1

55. “Cobra 5 wood – Most consistent club in my bag. Always gets me to the green on my second shot on Par 5s.” – @DaleBoo22639382


53. “Odyssey white hot putter. You don’t mess with what works.” – @taracoates

52. “My putter is the oldest club in my bag. It hasn’t been replaced cause it “ain’t broke”….. at least not yet.” – @dennis_kolb

51. “Hogan sand wedge from the 1970s, bit like Triggers broom, head the same but various shafts and grips, also been re-grooved.” – @leftienige


49. “Probably my the burner plus irons, wood and rescues… circa 2008. Why haven’t I replaced… I’m looking.” – @Steve1968

48. “A 19 deg Titleist 585H (2006) because it’s perfect and extremely versatile. Tried a half dozen new hybrids and nothing compares.  Everything else in the bag is 2020 or newer.” – @nolan_be_rollin

47. “54 Vokey. Still doing the job.” – @WoodsHere

46. “Until a couple weeks ago it was my Cleveland 53°  DIADIC wedge that I’ve been playing since about 1996-97.  It had served me well, and gave me my first hole-in-one.” – @harryJfbg

45. “2005 Titleist SC Newport 2 with all the color worn off.” – @jpb1118

44. “Cleveland RTX2 wedges, love them too much to change.” – @mickldo

43. “Taylor Made 300 Tour 3 wood, had it since I graduated HS, don’t replace bc apparently I like making life harder than it needs to be Face with tears of joy still awesome WHEN/IF you pure it.” – @heyjude1982

42. “My 2008 Odyssey White Hot Putter. Love the feel of it. Have a couple Scotty’s and a Ping but like the lines of the Odyssey best. Feel more confident over the putt.” – @jasonrmoney

41. “A Nickent 20° hybrid.  This is the year it changes.” – @MikeintheCouv


39. “Put a 20 year old Bettinardi Putter back in the bag last June. Putted lights out rest of year.  Something old can be new again in golf.” – @birdiesnpar

38. “An old Odyssey 2-ball…still works!” – @sandrasmith1954

37. “MP-H5 1 iron, occasionally sits it out but in the bag 90% of the time.” – @bigbono85

36. “Nike Sasquatch Driver. Too Cheap to spend $500 on a new driver when I can’t hit it further than 240.” – @McdivotShanks

35. “I had a putter in my bag for 20 years, changed in October to Scotty so see how long it lasts.” – @johnhalliday88

34. “Driver. Why should I buy a new one if it’s the worst club in the bag?” – @OcStagger


32. “Cobra 23 degree hybrid, gift from my dad 10 years ago. It’s still got pop, swing easy and it’s consistent anywhere around 200 yards. I will swing it until it cracks!” – @Cutch_T

31. “My Ping 7 wood and 9 wood. No idea what I could replace them with. I’m not a fan of hybrids.” – @_HeyitsmeAllie


29. “My driver..at least a decade old..I hit it so well..can’t get rid of it..” – @catheconnors

28. “Scotty Cameron Newport circa ‘2000…doubt it ever leaves the bag!” – @dcoggins3

27. “Ping Kushin putter for my 16th birthday in 1971 and still going strong.” – @Caddieman3

26. “1979 Ryder Sand wedge with absolutely no bounce and a leading edge like a knife. It does what it says on the tin in that it can be used in bunkers and nowhere else. To the extent that the S is barely recognizable after decades of gouging sand.” – @EmmettKeane


24. “Scotty Cameron Del Mar 3 pro platinum, had it since HS and can’t find a putter I like better.” – @RemersonMr

23. “25-year-old Orlimar 9 wood….my honey club. Told the wife I want to be buried with it.” – @tomtome01

22. “Callaway Heaven Wood. Too easy to hit.” – @mgm27

21. “35-year-old Ray Cook putter.” – @imhowardtoo


19. “My @SeanToulon Azalea..why would I?” – @mgwp1

18. “Two-ball putter. There has been no need to even think about replacing it. It makes it go in the hole.” – @FrankWintin

17. “I keep an old #1 iron in my bag. I use it during lightning storms. Not even god can hit a #1 iron!!” – @TimRyan236690548


15. “Cobra 22° is like 20 years old. But I hit it exactly the distance needed between my 4i and 3W.” – @drkennyc

14. “My irons are either 1973 Tourneys or 2000 Macgregor PMBs depending on my mood. I can’t find that feel in today’s sticks.” – @MackMcTiernan

13. “Ping Anser Dalehead. I have never owned another putter in my life.” – @Mudman2255

12. “Ping G5 19 degree hybrid. I won’t replace because it works for me.” – @tlendman1960

11. “A ping zing2 lob/sand wedge. Nothing has ever come close out of the bunkers.” – @mdarmstrong

10. “Callaway lob wedge. 26 years old.” – @JJsparker98

9. “TM Burner 2.0 3w (2011). Still hits true and far, but am upgrading this year.” – @kf_richards

8. “A Yes putter named ‘Amy.’” – @kevinashe1

7. “Oldest club is my custom @ScottyCameron Newport 2 I haven’t replaced it because @Lindsey_Greeley would kill me if I did!” – @mike_greeley

6. “I have a #titleist hybrid from 2007. Waiting to win some pro shop credit for a new one.” – @Jordan_Dye

5. “My knock-off 8802 blade that I bought in 2003 for $25 at a 2nd hand store. Why haven’t I replaced it?  Because it’s the best, most consistent and trustworthy club in my bag.” – @vjsaul

4. “2 Ball putter new in 2002.” – @estiegel

3. “Playing 2nd Gen PXG..but played Titleist AP2’s (2010) for 10 years…Steve Sticker and Ryan Palmer played them and took all the remaining sets from Titleist.” – @plannermyron11

2. “My 3 wood. Cuz I hit it farther than my driver!” – @jamo116

1. “Original @ScottyCameron Futura. I think it’s from 2002 or 2003. I got it when it came out.”– @mikewoodrum13


  1. My Tom Weiscopf little chipper * bought from Austads Golf
    Chip in or very close all the time * friends call it CHIPPY * now I have about 4 more for other bags I have in diff cities * orig one was $12 recent prices are triple with shipping * looks good next to my PXG clubs

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