What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received as a caddie?

Sep 26, 2021; Haven, Wisconsin, USA; Team USA player Patrick Cantlay with his caddie Matt Minister after his win against Team Europe player Shane Lowry on the 16th green during day three singles rounds for the 43rd Ryder Cup golf competition at Whistling Straits. Mandatory Credit: Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone loves a good compliment, especially caddies. Whether it’s after a perfect read on a putt or some extra cash after the round, compliments are always well received.

We wanted to know the best compliments caddies had ever received, so we asked them in a recent @CaddieNetwork Twitter poll: “What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received as a caddie?” Here were our 16 favorite responses.

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16. “When caddying for my player at the end of a tough round, he told me, ‘you really kept me in there today bro!’ Priceless.” — @gymflake62

15. “Alex Cejka said that it was too much club, but I told him to hit it. He then canned it for an ace in Thailand. The compliment was a cheeky bonus and drinks after!” — @GolfBetTip

14. “You handle him better than any other caddie he’s ever had. From a player and caddie who basically had parallel careers with my guy.” — @FrankWintin

13. “‘You can really read a green.’ To me, that’s where a player trusts you.” — @stoli222

12. “‘Sorry’ when a golfer realizes his caddie is way better than him, and hits a shank.” — @ChrisBDallas

11. “So like what do you do for a living?” — @RoryOdom

10. “My first day caddying on the second hole, I hand my player the club he wants before he asks. He tells me I’ll never sit in the caddie yard again. (Quality bag for the season!)” — @PattersonEd

9. “Money talks in my experience.” — @tkcaddie 

8. “Player: ‘you’re the worst caddie here.’ Me: ‘thanks.’ *fist bump ensues.*” — @the_real_josef

7. “My player today called me Ted Lasso.” — @caddietales

6. “Here is a $100.” — @goingaways

5. “Damn that’s good weed boss!” — @gulfcoastshrink

4. “You were right.” — @kuhnkraemer

3. “See you tomorrow.” — @fully74

2. “You’re good with that rake.” — @DKtheCaddie

1. “That was an excellent read!” — @TotalSoccerFT

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