What is it that you love most about golf?

Sep 5, 2021; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Joaquin Niemann laughs with his caddie Gary Matthews after falling out of his shoe on the 8th hole during the final round of the Tour Championship golf tournament. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons to love golf. It’s a game people are able to play at any age and can serve as a source of competition, relaxation, business and much more.

Whether you’re playing at the highest level in a tournament or just going out to play with a few friends, golf can be enjoyed in many different ways.

We know that our @CaddieNetwork Twitter followers love golf, so we wanted to hear what they love most about the greatest game ever played.

So, we asked them, “What is it that you love most about golf?”

Here are the 25 best responses we received.

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25. “Love that the game is never perfect.” – @therealwallace5

24. “Being outdoors, with friends and other golfers, the course design, the challenge, and that one shot that makes your round.” – @TimAlricB

23. “Aristos, (Greek: = Best) Humans strive not to just survive but to become one’s best. Not just to survive, but to continually try to be/get better at any endeavor. Golf, gives us that opportunity and everything that goes with it, which is what everyone else has posted!!” – @gymflake62

22. “Watching the stars play live.” – @DfsPgafan

21. “The walk, love the walk…” – @wljames3

20. “The friends.” – @BigMikePape

19. “Finding my pro right as he is trying to close the shop and replay my entire round of 93, shot by shot.” – @drleemeyers

18. “That one pure shot in a round.” – @jamo116

17. “Everything about it is fun and enjoyable.” – @TimAlricB

16. “As crappy as you can play for 18 holes there is always that 1 magic shot that keeps you coming back knowing that your game has greatness somewhere inside you lol even if it’s for maybe 3 holes.” – @GregLapham113

15. “Dry socks and lights bags.” – @jonporreca

14. “Over the years, I’ve learned many four-letter words from others in my foursome.” – @dennis_kolb

13. “Everything.” – @BackNine13

12. “Watching a 10-footer tumble in the hole for a six net five.” – @HambonesOwn

11. “The Zone! (When you can hit it where you are looking and the putting feels so confident and relaxed!)” – @IamChrisHuston

10. “Friends, fresh air and competition.” – @GregDadWyatt

9. “Beautiful courses and hitting a shot purely.” – @strunkeric

8. “The chase.” – @memestonksmoon

7. “Being outdoors away from traffic and email, the diversity of golfers I’ve never met before, while pursuing a better score than last time, knowing full well that I can send a ball that isn’t moving somewhere close to where I want it to be eventually.” – @Golfgr8twannabe

6. “The course and drinking.” – @drydog7

5. “Never-ending pursuit of better.” – @djnkerry

4. “No matter what your ability, it’s always you vs the course. A new challenge every game.” – @NeilBurrows46

3. “Holes-in-one. Six of ‘em. Never gets old.” – @bob_ippolito

2. “The chance to get better.” – @arnoldmill72

1. “EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – @3puttonly


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