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Welcome to The Caddie Network

The Caddie Network’s website ( launched in June 2018, with the goal of providing golf and sports fans an insider’s perspective with an intimate and entertaining perspective different than anything else in sport, utilizing the expertise of those we consider to be the game’s greatest untapped source: caddies.

The Caddie Network (TCN) has quickly become the fresh, new voice in golf, delivering insight and an authentic perspective from professional and amateur caddies. TCN provides golf fans the opportunity to see the game, the lifestyle and the many unique experiences through the lens of caddies: the individuals, who day-to-day and event-to-event, are closest to the greatest players in the world.

Whether it’s a key moment, a key shot, studying the break on a tricky putt, or being a friend, a psychologist and a coach all rolled into one, no one is closer to the best players in the world than their respective caddies.

Then there’s the great tales that come with life on the road — we tell those stories, too.

With engaging features, surveys, photos, videos and more, TCN brings you a step closer to the best seat in the house and gives you a deeper appreciation for what life truly is like out on the Tour.

We hope you enjoy these stories and share them with friends.

Merrill Squires and John von Stade
TCN Co-Founders

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