Week 6: College football caddie picks

Red River Rivalry
Who will take home the “W” this weekend in the Red River Rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma? Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Week 6 of college football season and there’s another fantastic slate of games, highlighted by the Red River Rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma — two, top-20 squads.

Caddies Joe Skovron, Paul Tesori, Matt Minister and Ryan Rue did some studying this week and have made their respective picks for five, key match ups.

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Here’s a look at who they like in a handful of Saturday’s biggest games…

Texas (19) at Oklahoma (7)
Spread: Oklahoma -7.5

Skovron’s Pick: Oklahoma
Why: Well, I went 3-1-1 my first week of these picks and 1-4 last week, so trust my picks at your own risk. I just think OU is loaded and I don’t believe in Texas yet. I’ll give the 7.5, although I don’t like that extra half-point very much.

Tesori’s Pick: Oklahoma
It’s hard to tell this early if Texas is a legit contender. Oklahoma looks primed and ready for a playoff spot.

Minister’s Pick: Oklahoma
Why: Oklahoma will take care of business.

Rue’s Pick: Oklahoma
Why: Love the Red River Rivalry! Going with the Sooners on this one. Oklahoma crushes the Longhorns.

Clemson (4) at Wake Forest
Spread: Clemson -17

Skovron’s Pick: Clemson
Why: I’m not real high on this QB situation at Clemson right now. I realize Lawrence is a stud, but he’s banged up and no Kelly Bryant really makes things interesting. They’ve had a couple tight ones already, but I think they keep rolling. This spread is up to 20 in some places, so I’ll give the 17.

Tesori’s Pick: Clemson
I don’t think this will be as close as the spread indicates. Too much firepower.

Minister’s Pick: Clemson
Why: Clemson will cover. The defense will shut down Wake and any QB for Clemson will score with those athletes.

Rue’s Pick: Wake Forest
Why: Clemson seems like a sinking ship right now. Not sure if they’re focused enough to cover. Clemson wins but doesn’t cover.

Florida State at Miami (17)
Spread: Miami -12.5

Skovron’s Pick: Florida State
Why: Miami and the Turnover Chain are rolling since that opening loss to LSU, but I think that is a lot of points to give Francois. My confidence level isn’t very high here but, I’ll take the Seminoles with the points.

Tesori’s Pick: Florida State
The Seminoles are still talented enough to win this game. I think it’ll be down to the wire, so I’ll take the points and double down!

Minister’s Pick: Miami
Why: Miami. Seems like a big line for this game, but FSU looks terrible. Canes.

Rue’s Pick: Miami
Why: Two schools with a ton of talent on the field. The question is: which team will show up? I’m taking the Canes on this. It’s always a big rivalry and I think Miami will be up for this game.

LSU (5) at Florida (22)
Spread: LSU -2

Skovron’s Pick: Florida
Why: This line makes no sense to me because LSU seems to be a premiere team. But when it’s too good to be true, go the other way. I’m fading the public and taking the Gators.

Tesori’s Pick: LSU
This one is hard since I’m a Gator Grad and diehard fan. We aren’t quite ready yet, but headed in a better direction. If LSU hangs onto the ball, they will win by a TD.

Minister’s Pick: LSU
Why: LSU will continue to impress. The defense is too good. The QB is getting more comfortable. It’s a hard place to play, but they win by a touchdown.

Rue’s Pick: LSU
Why: Wow. That hurt to type! I hate going against the Gators, but two points is nothing for LSU. Florida’s defense will keep them in the game. I just haven’t been real impressed with Florida on the offensive side of the ball. Tigers by 3.

Notre Dame (6) at Virginia Tech (22)
Spread: Notre Dame -6

Skovron’s Pick: Notre Dame
Why: Florida is the only game that I would think about actually betting in these picks. This is another tough one. In Blacksburg, at night, against a Virginia Tech team that is hard to figure out. This has the makings of an upset game that ruins Notre Dame’s playoff chances, but I’m trusting the Irish after this QB change to cover.

Tesori’s Pick: Virginia Tech
The home crowd will be enough here. I think the Irish will win, but won’t cover the spread.

Minister’s Pick: Virginia Tech
Why: Virginia Tech.  I think Notre Dame will have a letdown game. They look good each week, but on the road, they might not be firing this week. The Irish will win by a field goal, but no cover.

Rue’s Pick: Notre Dame
Why: Virginia Tech lost to Old Dominion. I would think the Irish can handle six points.

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